Followchain FAQ


What is Followchain?

Followchain is a dedicated follow for follow community for Instagram.


How do I use Followchain?

  1. Share your Instagram username on the site.
  2. Follow users that interest you on Instagram.
  3. Direct message them that you’re from Followchain for a follow back.

What if the user doesn’t follow me back?

As a rule of thumb, you might want to wait 24 hours for the user to respond/follow back. If they haven’t followed you by then, report the user and unfollow them.


What is the posting rule?

When you’re sharing your Instagram username on the platform, be sure to include a short description about yourself or the content you post (you can read more from our User Agreement.


How do I maximize the community’s potential?

To get started, please read Followchain Tips, Tricks and Good Practices. Fundamentally, if you to increase the likelihood of a follow back, make sure to direct message the user on their Instagram that you came from here (Followchain). 


How do I get verified?

If your account is an authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents, (or you’re already verified on Instagram) dm one of our existing mods on and we’ll get back to you.


How do I become a moderator?

You can become a moderator if you use Followchain daily and engage consistently with other users (moderators are currently by invite only).


Why haven’t I received a confirmation email after registering?

It may take up to 5 minutes for the confirmation email to send. Please check your junk/spam mail if you haven’t received it in your inbox.


Does it violate Instagram’s TOS (Terms Of Service)?

No, Followchain does not violate Instagram’s TOS. We don’t utilize any fake followers, bots or automation and we’re not a pod. It’s an open community to find relevant people to follow within your niche.


Privacy Policy

You can view our Privacy Policy here:


User Agreement

You can view our user agreement here:


Need additional help?

Email us at [email protected] or send us a direct message on our Instagram @followchainorg and we’ll get back to you shortly.