User Agreement

Last updated 8/24/2020

1. General

By using the website, you must agree with the following rules. You are not allowed to use Followchain if you are not eligible for our platform or disagree with the User Agreement.


2. Posting

You are only allowed to share your Instagram link(s) along with a short description of yourself and/or the content you post. Do not share any other links other than your Instagram link. If you post anything unrelated (see section 4), it will be deleted without warning by our moderators and you might be banned indefinitely.


3. Unfollowing

As a dedicated follow for follow community, we strongly oppose toxicity and will not tolerate unfollowers. If you have unfollowed someone for no reason, you will be banned from using the platform indefinitely.*
*(however, if you have a justifiable reason – e.g. user is not giving you any engagement, we do not have the right to ban you).



4. Inappropriate content

Inappropriate content includes everything other than and/or unrelated to sharing your Instagram link. 


5. No spam

You are not allowed to spam your Instagram link(s) on the platform. The general rule of posting is one per session. If we detect many consecutive posts from the same user, it will be deleted without warning by our moderators and the user might be banned indefinitely. If you want to re-post your Instagram link(s) on the site within a short time-frame, make sure to delete your previous post first.


6. Banned users

If you have been banned from the platform, you have most likely violated one or more of our rules. If you believe that your account has been banned by mistake, please contact us and state your reason.


7. Reporting

You can notify Followchain about any violation you spot. To report a violation, simply navigate to the post violating the User Agreement, click the ‘down arrow’ and select [Report]. If our Moderators find that the post violates our user agreement, it will be deleted and the user who posted it may be banned from the platform indefinitely.


8. Instagram TOS

By using Followchain, you also agree to the Instagram TOS. It will impose a huge risk on your Instagram account if you violate one of their terms.