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How to Fix 0 Views on TikTok

Are all of your TikTok videos getting zero views when you post them?

I’ve faced this issue for more than two years now and I’ve been finding a fix for it ever since.

Whenever I post a video on TikTok, it’s never shown on the FYP, and I have no idea why.

This resulted in all of my videos getting zero views, no matter which account I post from.

However, I finally discovered a fix that got rid of the shadowban completely that I’m going to share with you today.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix 0 views on TikTok and why all of your videos are getting the zero views glitch/bug after an hour, day, or more.

Why do I have zero views on TikTok?

Here is why you have zero views on TikTok:

  • You followed too many users at one go: This reason is what got me shadowbanned on TikTok permanently—I tried the follow-unfollow strategy on TikTok and my account was shadowbanned because the algorithm thought that I was a bot.
  • You liked or commented on too many videos: If you like or comment on too many videos at one go, TikTok will think that you’re a bot and your future videos will get zero views.
  • You reposted a video on TikTok: If you reposted a video on TikTok without making any edits, it can get zero views.
  • You posted copyrighted content: By posting copyrighted content like movie clips or clips of TV shows without making any edits, it can get zero views.
  • You didn’t warm up your account: If you’ve just created a new TikTok account, you need to scroll through your FYP for some time before you post a video or TikTok will think that you’re a bot.

Editor’s note: The list of reasons above are based on my personal experience along with other popular TikTok creators as to why all of your videos get zero views and fail to reach the FYP.

How to fix 0 views on TikTok

The only way to fix 0 views on TikTok is to buy a new phone with a new SIM card.

Once you’ve bought a new phone, you need to create a new TikTok account with your new phone number.


  • A TikTok shadowban is imposed on your phone number (SIM card).
  • You need to buy a new phone and get a new SIM card to fix the zero views glitch.
  • Create a new TikTok account using your new phone number on your new phone.

This is an expensive fix, but it’s worth it if you’re looking to market your business with TikTok.

I’ve tried contacting support, using a VPN, making a new account, but my videos still get zero views.

A TikTok shadowban is imposed on your phone number (SIM card) and not your Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Hence, if you change your phone and SIM card, the zero views limitation will be lifted.

When you get your new phone, DO NOT log in to your existing TikTok account!

Instead, you need to create a new account using your new phone number.

After I’ve posted a video on my new TikTok account using my new phone, it immediately got 100 views after 15 minutes.

This proves that the 0 views glitch is lifted and the ban is based on your SIM card.

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