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AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz Answers

AFK Arena is the best idle RPG game with a brand new mode called Shadow Invasions.

Shadow Invasions is a rogue-like survival mode with more than 20 skills.

There are endless waves of monsters and you must keep upgrading and improving your skills.

With over 100 heroes, you can build the best formations and make your way to the top.

Equip your heroes and build undefeatable lineups to destroy your enemies.

This guide contains all of the AFK Arena Poetic Pop quiz answers for day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

AFK Arena Poetic Pop Quiz Answers

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Day 1

Question: What is the name of the pirate ship Jerome vowed to destroy in the first half of his life?

Answer: Peg Leg.

Question: With the enhanced effects of her skill Shadow Form, what would Lucilla do when Liberta receives fatal damage?

Answer: Resist the damage for him.

Question: What was Liberta’s code name when he was a weapon?

Answer: Dawn.

Question: At the start of battle, what is the signal target shot by Robin Hood – The Heroic Bandit?

Answer: A balloon.

Question: What does Radish Rolunda like the most?

Answer: Sunlight.

Day 2

Question: Which of the following attributes cannot be buffed by Jerome – Commander of the Waves’ skill Performance Evaluation?

Answer: Magic Pierce.

Question: What was Lucilla’s code name when she was a weapon?

Answer: Dusk.

Question: After their 9-piece Exclusive Furniture Skill is unlocked, and when Liberta is fighting alongside Lucilla, which of the following buffs would result from Liberta’s Ultimate skill Forced Equilibrium?

Answer: The Ultimate skill Forced Equilibrium redistributes health at a ratio more favorable to the allied heroes.

Question: What did Robin Hood give Cindy when they parted?

Answer: A bag of gold coins.

Question: In which city does Lavatune disguise himself as a human musician and perform on stage?

Answer: Oakenfell.

Day 3

Question: What is the color of Radish Rolunda’s leaves?

Answer: Green.

Question: What is Lucilla – Maiden of Dusk’s Signature Item called?

Answer: Crimson Scythe.

Question: What color is Robin Hood’s cloak?

Answer: Green.

Question: Under what conditions does a phantom bell created by Lady Simona – The Bell Ringer expand its range?

Answer: When a Resonator uses their Ultimate within the phantom’s range.

Question: Which of the following skill effects cannot be caused by Lavatune’s skill Frenzy Impromptu?

Answer: Granting a shield to allies.

Day 4

Question: What enemy would the Ape Admiral of Jerome – Commander of the Waves follow first?

Answer: The one with the lowest health.

Question: What were Liberta and Lucilla originally?

Answer: Divine weapon.

Question: Liberta – Scion of Dawn’s Ultimate skill, Forced Equilibrium, links the enemy hero of which status?

Answer: The one with the highest current health.

Question: What did Robin Hood steal from Lord Lakovy?

Answer: A gold brooch.

Question: What is Vika’s weapon?

Answer: A whip.

Day 5

Question: When Robin Hood – The Heroic Bandit’s arrow hits an enemy, it reduces the target’s Energy and turns into what that drops on the battlefield?

Answer: Gold.

Question: With her skill Moonshade Chase, what enemy would Lucilla chase first in each battle?

Answer: The one directly opposite her.

Question: What is Liberta – Scion of Dawn’s Signature Item called?

Answer: Gemini Equilus.

Question: What is the effect of the weather Sunny Sky summoned by Radish Rotunda?

Answer: Increases Healing dealt by allied heroes.

Question: Which organization is Lady Simona affiliated with?

Answer: The Chiming Order.

Day 6

Question: How many seconds does Lavatune – Abyssal Rocker’s Opening Act last?

Answer: 15.

Question: What color are the eyes of Shemira – The Soulreaver’s headdress?

Answer: Green.

Question: What reward was represented by Lady Simona from her client?

Answer: To hang her bell at their home.

Question: In the story, who did Lavatune enter into a contract with?

Answer: A critic.

Question: The faster Vika’s gyro spins, what changes will happen to the effects of her Ultimate skill Three in One?

Answer: The quantity of Phantom gyros increases.

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