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What Are AI Time Traveler Vine Memes?

AI time traveler interrupting Vine memes are taking over TikTok and 𝕏.

These memes are AI-generated extended Vine memes like “9+10” and “Ha Got Em!”.

They went viral because of the AI’s creepy yet hilarious interpretation of each meme.

Here is a popular caption, “A mysterious group of time travelers are stopping every viral Vine”.

Vine is a short-form video hosting service like TikTok that was shut down in 2017.

However, some memes from the video app is still popular today.

In this article, you’ll learn what are the AI time traveler interrupting Vine memes on TikTok, the song, and how to make them.

What is an AI time traveler Vine meme?

AI time traveler Vine memes are AI-generated extended versions of old memes from Vine.

Most of the memes are creepy yet hilarious, and the most popular one is the “9+10” meme.

The AI-generated extended version of the “9+10” meme shows a shadowy figure walking behind the boy.

In the last few seconds of the meme, the boy and the shadowy figure were both staring at each other.

On 𝕏, the meme got over 30 million views and more than 120k likes.

Other popular memes include “Ha Got Em!”, “Squidward Dabbing”, “Jason Derulo Calendar”, “Hardest Name in Africa”, and many others.

Most of the AI-generated Vine memes include the person running away in the last few seconds.

These memes are created using Luma AI’s Dream Machine, which is an AI model that makes videos from images.

Dream Machine is an AI model that makes high quality, realistic videos fast from text and images.

You can upload a screenshot or make a video from a prompt like “Man running away from the scene”.

Dream Machine is free to use and allows up 10 video generations per day.

Each generation takes about 5 to 10 minutes but you can upgrade to a paid tier speed up the waiting time.

Paid tiers include Standard, Pro, and Premier, which costs $23.99, $79.99, and $399.99 per month respectively.

AI time traveler Vine meme song

The AI time traveler Vine meme song is Marking Time, Waiting for Death by Shirō Sagisu.

Most AI Time Traveler Vine memes include this song in the background to make it creepy.

The album is Neon Genesis Evangelion, which includes songs like ANGEL ATTACK and Hedgehog’s Dilemma.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Japanese mech anime that was first aired on 4 October 1995.

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