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Andrew Tate’s Chess Record

In various podcasts, Andrew Tate spoke highly of his father.

Andrew Tate’s father, Emory Tate, was an international chess master.

After his death in 2015, Chess.com compiled a lengthy biography of him.

The biography included Emory’s playstyle, personality, and beliefs.

According to Andrew, his father is the smartest man that he knows.

“He was a world-level chess master who gave me the skill I needed to live a life worth living”.

At a young age, Andrew picked up chess from his father and competed in several tournaments.

In this guide, you’ll learn Andrew Tate’s chess record and whether he’s a chess champion.

Andrew Tate’s chess record

Andrew Tate’s chess record (source: Chess.com)

Current rating1605
Highest rating1894
Best win streak13

Andrew Tate has a Chess.com profile that played over 4k games.

The profile indicates that he’s from Romania and he joined the website in 2015.

His peak rating is 1894 on September 12, 2019.

His best win is against a 1931-rated player named “hesham255”.

According to Chess.com, his wins are 51.9% resignation, 27.4% checkmate, and 18.5% timeout.

Andrew’s losses are 81.4% resignation, 7.1% checkmate, and 7.9% timeout.

He hasn’t played in a while as was last online on July 1, 2021.

Is Andrew Tate a chess champion?

Andrew Tate Chess

Andrew Tate’s father, Emory Tate, was an international chess master.

Andrew started learning chess from his father and competed in several tournaments when he was young.

In a Fresh&Fit podcast, he talks about the life lessons that he learned from chess.

“My father was a chess master right, so I had to learn the game”.

“He sat me down, I spent a lot of time learning it”.

“And to this day I have massive respect for chess”.

“Chess is an amazing thing, I still play chess every day. I’m not world-level or anything. I’m around 1750-1800”.

The podcast was in 2021 and Andrew hasn’t been actively playing chess since then.

Currently, Andrew’s Chess.com profile has a rating of 1605.

“The average player is around a thousand but my dad was 2400-2500”.

Andrew goes on to say that his father can beat him without looking at the board.

When Andrew was 5 years old, he became the Indiana state chess champion.

In a podcast, he mentioned that he’s been in a newspaper as a kid and he has a post of it on Instagram.

In the newspaper clipping, Andrew is playing against three fifth graders.

Here’s the caption of the post, “It’s hard to deny the superior Tate intellect this newspaper clipping is from the mid-90s when I as a 6-year-old was playing a team of three 10-year-olds at chess”.

In another podcast, Andrew mentioned that he beat a 15-year-old in chess when he was 5 years old in the Indiana state chess competition.

“I remember when I won, the 15-year-old cried and that made me happy”.

“I was so happy, not that I won, but I made him cry”.

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