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What is Andrew Tate’s Diet and Workout Plan?

Andrew Tate has a lean and muscular physique.

He used to be a kickboxing champion and trained a lot before his fights.

He won 6 kickboxing titles including the ISKA World Full-Contact Light Cruiserweight Champion title.

On his Instagram, he has photos of himself smoking cigars and partying.

However, he still manages to maintain his physique.

In this article, you’ll learn about Andrew Tate’s diet (what he eats) and workout plan (what exercises he does).

Andrew Tate’s diet

Andrew Tate’s diet

In a vlog with Mike Thurston, Andrew Tate said that his diet is “trash”.

That said, Andrew recommends minimizing carbohydrates and eliminating added sugars.

“If you cut sugar off your diet and eat everything else, you’re going to be fine”.

He also said that he drinks, smokes, and he only eats once a day.

“Sometimes I put up pictures on Instagram and I look like I’m in amazing shape”.

“I guess I am in amazing shape. People say to me—wow, what’s your diet or meal prep?”.

“And I’m like bro, meal prep, KFC. My diet’s not great”.

“But I think because I trained so hard when I was young”.

“You build a base and as long as you’re not an idiot, you can’t lose it”.

“Also, for 10 years I didn’t drink, I was fighting, so now I drink a bit”.

In another video, Andrew said that he was broke when he was in his 20s.

“We invented a dish that was so bland, we called it Flavor”.

“Because it was the only way you could add flavor to the dish”.

“And it was white rice, frozen peas because they were cheap, and kidney beans”.

In The Fellas podcast, Andrew mentioned that he hates breakfast and never eats it.

“I think that breakfast is the worst thing that ever happened to humanity”.

“You’re going to wake up and eat a bunch of food that you haven’t had to hunt for”.

Finally, in a clip of him driving a car, Andrew said that he tried a carnivore diet once.

He only ate meat and he said that he started losing body fat and his six-pack really came out.

Andrew Tate’s workout plan

Andrew Tate’s workout plan is tuck jumps and burpees.

According to Andrew Tate, he doesn’t like the gym and does not usually work out in one.

This is because when he was fighting professionally, he was forced to go to the gym.

“However, I do understand how important it is to stay strong and in good shape”.

“And I’ve developed my own fitness program and it allows me to train at home for 25 minutes a day with less than $50 equipment”.

“I’ve developed three to four exercises which keep me in a supreme physical condition”.

Bradley Martyn, a fitness YouTube bought Andrew Tate’s fitness program.

Here’s Andrew Tate’s diet and workout plan in a nutshell, “Tuck jumps, burpees, and avoid excess sugar”.

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