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How Did Andrew Tate Become Famous?

Andrew Tate went viral on social media platforms—especially TikTok and YouTube.

He’s notorious for his strong opinions regarding women and money.

In addition, he “boasts” about his wealth and lavish lifestyle.

On TikTok, there are a ton of clips of him on various podcasts.

All of the short clips generated a total of 5 billion views.

However, Andrew Tate doesn’t have an official TikTok account.

In this article, you’ll learn how did Andrew Tate become famous and what he was doing before he got famous.

How did Andrew Tate become famous?

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate got famous for his strong opinions on women, masculinity, and money.

Clips of him speaking in various podcasts went viral on social media platforms like TikTok.

On TikTok, videos of him reached a total of more than 7 billion views.

The surprising part is that Andrew does not have an official TikTok account.

Clips of him on TikTok are either posted by his fans or members of Hustlers University.

Hustlers University is an online school that Andrew created to teach people to make money.

A finance YouTuber, Biaheza, joined the school to learn what it’s about.

In his “My Response to Andrew Tate” video, he talked about the positives and negatives of the school.

Biaheza mentioned that one of the money-making methods that the school teaches is to become an affiliate for it.

Hence, this led to Andrew’s notoriety on TikTok as many of his students were posting clips of him on TikTok.

These students specifically create TikTok accounts to promote Hustlers University by adding an affiliate link to their bio.

But even without TikTok, Andrew is trending on other social media platforms like YouTube.

This is due to his multiple appearances in various podcasts like YMH, Fresh&Fit, The Fellas, and many others.

His appearance in these podcasts boosted his popularity further as they racked up millions of views.

Andrew also gained notoriety in 2016 after he was removed from season 17 of Big Brother after a video of him “beating” a woman was leaked.

In multiple podcasts, Andrew mentioned that the actions were consensual, and the video has an audio of the woman asking him to do it.

In April 2022, his house was raided by Romanian police where he was suspected of human trafficking.

To summarize—Andrew is a serial entrepreneur who has been gradually building up his social media presence by speaking on various podcasts.

Clips of him are attention-grabbing because of his strong and controversial opinions on various topics.

What was Andrew Tate doing before he got famous?

Andrew Tate world title from Enfusion Live

Andrew Tate was born on December 14, 1986, in Washington, D.C., United States.

His late father is Emory Tate, and he has two other siblings—Tristan Tate and Janine Tate.

His father served in the air force and was a professional chess player who won multiple tournaments including the U.S. Armed Forces Championship.

Andrew started playing chess at a very young age and became the Indiana State Chess Champion at 5 years old.

On Instagram, he posted a newspaper clip containing a photo of him (when he was 6 years old) playing chess against three 10-year-olds.

Sometime after Andrew’s father left the air force, he split up with his mother.

His mother moved him and his siblings to England and Andrew got a job that involves moving boxes of frozen fish.

He eventually started a professional kickboxing career in 2009 onwards and competed in the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions.

The first title that he won is the International Sport Karate Association English light cruiserweight title.

He later won multiple other titles like the Enfusion World Championship.

After his fighting career, he was “broke” and started brainstorming on how to make internet money,

He stumbled upon a webcam business and invited 5 of his girlfriends to start one with him.

At its peak, the business was making 600k per month and he had over 75 girls working in it.

At one point, Andrew also took up a commentating gig at RXF where he met with a sponsor that owned multiple casinos.

He struck a deal with the sponsor and started a casino with his branding and gave out free coffee in it.

A few years later, he started an online school called “Hustlers University” and started speaking on multiple podcasts.

He also sells other courses and memberships on his website like “Master Chess” and “Body Language”.

His fame snowballed when affiliate marketers from his school started posting clips of him saying outrageous things on TikTok and YouTube.

They were incentivized by the commission gained by getting someone to become a member of Hustlers University from an affiliate link.

Currently, there are over 85,000 members on the Hustlers University Discord server.

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