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How Does Andrew Tate Make Money?

In an Adin Ross podcast, Andrew Tate claims that he and his brother own 27 supercars.

The most expensive car that they own is the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport.

There are multiple clips of Andrew Tate and his Bugatti.

In the same podcast, he mentioned that he paid about $5.8 million USD for the car (including transportation fees and insurance).

On Instagram, Andrew has multiple pictures of him flying in private jets.

Andrew also jokingly mentioned that he was a trillionaire in a podcast.

But how did he go from being poor to earning millions of dollars every month?

In this article, you’ll learn how does Andrew Tate make his money and how he got rich.

How does Andrew Tate make money?

Andrew Tate makes money primarily from promoting and selling subscriptions to his course, Hustler’s University.

Hustler’s University is an online school that teaches people about e-commerce, freelancing, business management, and more.

It costs $49.99 USD per month to join and it has over 100,000 members.

This means that Andrew is making more than $5 million a month in subscription revenue (before expenses).

Other than Hustler’s University, Andrew has a casino business in Romania.

In a Your Mom’s House podcast, he hinted that it’s making more than $200k a month.

Andrew got into the casino industry after getting to know a casino owner when he was commenting for RXF MMA.

At that time, the casino owner was a sponsor for RXF.

He pitched the casino owner to start a casino using his own money and the owner’s branding.

The owner accepted his offer, and Andrew grew the business by offering free coffee in the casino after realizing how expensive the nearby Starbucks was.

How did Andrew Tate get rich?

Andrew Tate rich

Andrew Tate got rich from selling subscriptions to his course, Hustler’s University.

The course has over 100,000 members—which means that he’s making over $5 million a month from it (before expenses).

But how did he manage to get from 0 to 100,000 members?

To know how he actually got rich—you need to know a bit about his past.

Andrew Tate’s first long-term career was as a kickboxer where he won 6 kickboxing titles.

In various podcasts, he mentioned that kickboxing was a bad career because it does not pay well.

He said that his highest payday was $100k before expenses.

After kickboxing, he was “broke” and he wanted to learn how to make internet money.

He discovered the webcam industry and started a webcam business with his brother and a few of his girlfriends.

At its peak, the business was making about $600k a month with over 75 webcam girls.

Andrew and his brother used their webcam earnings to invest in cryptocurrency where they made a huge profit.

He then started appearing as a guest in multiple podcasts to grow his audience.

A well-known podcast that he appeared in is the Fresh&Fit podcast.

In the podcast, he usually speaks exactly what he’s thinking.

His strong opinions on women, money, and masculinity brought a ton of attention to him.

Over the years, Andrew has been gradually building his online presence by speaking on famous podcasts.

Recently, he appeared in Stand Out TV, the Adin Ross Twitch stream (with xQc), and the Full Send Podcast (by Nelk).

His appearance in multiple podcasts is arguably the biggest contribution to his course’s (Hustler’s University) subscriptions.

Hustler’s University has an affiliate program that some of his students promote on social media platforms like TikTok.

Affiliate marketers will take clips of Andrew saying outrageous things on various podcasts and post them on TikTok.

They are able to do this because of how accessible these clips are.

In just a few months, videos of Andrew Tate on TikTok got over 11 billion total views—all of them are free advertising.

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