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Who is Andrew Tate’s Mother?

Andrew Tate talks about his mother from time to time during podcasts.

In a recording of him driving a car, Andrew compares black and white parents.

He also talked about how differently he was raised by his mother and father.

“My dad would be away at chess tournaments for 7 days”.

“I’d f*ck up, my mom would tell my dad and my dad on the phone would say see you in 7 days, son”.

“And that was 7 days without sleep”.

In this article, you’ll learn who is Andrew Tate’s mother and what she does for a living.

Who is Andrew Tate’s mother?

Andrew Tate’s mother is British, but her name is unknown.

Andrew didn’t disclose his mother’s name in any podcasts before.

However, he mentioned that his mother was mean and hard.

His father, Emory Tate, is more well-known because he was a famous chess player.

Andrew talked a lot more about how he was raised by his father and referred to him as “hard to kill”.

His mother split up with his father when he was a kid.

In an archived Twitter thread, Andrew told the story about a massive argument between his parents.

“I was raised by a single mother in England”.

“I wouldn’t call my mother particularly nice or soft”.

“In fact, my mother was mean and hard”.

“I usually saw my dad about once a year when he would visit and I remember one time they had a massive argument”.

“The day before he arrived, mum took me to get a haircut at a place I didn’t normally go”.

Mum: “I don’t like how they cut your hair, Andrew”.

Andrew: “Me neither. Can we go to the normal place next time?”.

Mum: “Yes we won’t go there again”.

“Dad stands up from the couch: What the f are you doing?”.

“You’re raising my son to be a b*tch? Crying about his haircut?”.

“Mum started screaming back calling dad crazy and telling him to leave the house”.

“My dad was a 0-100 kinda guy. From silence to screaming out of nowhere”.

“Dad leaves. One hour into seeing him for the first time in a year”.

Andrew said that his father called him the next day to go to the hotel where he was staying.

“We left the hotel and he marched me to a barber shop where he paid to have my head shaved”.

When Andrew and his father went home, his mum was furious.

“Mum: you’re crazy Emory, why did you do that it’s only a haircut. I don’t want to see you ever again f off back to America”.

“And that’s what dad did. He left England”.

“My mother complained how crazy dad is and how it’s impossible to even speak around him without him losing his temper and going crazy”.

Andrew goes on to say that his mother’s intentions were pure.

However, he said that his father was right and that no good comes from a 13-year-old boy caring about his haircut.

“2 years ago I walked into a new barber shop and they said how do I want my hair cut”.

“It reminded me of this story. And I told them to shave it all off”.

What does Andrew Tate’s mother do?

Andrew Tate’s mother used to be a dinner lady washing dishes.

She is currently retired and Andrew and his brother provide for her.

In a podcast, Andrew said that he retired his mother.

“When I first started making money, I retired my mother”.

“I called her up and said, look, because she was still a dinner lady, she was washing dishes and I said f that off”.

“Quit, I’ll triple your money. You stay home”.

“And when I told people I did that, they go, you don’t think it’s weird that you look after your own mother? Like she’s a grown-up”.

“Isn’t that as old as the human time where the sons make money to look after the parent?”.

“Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? I don’t know. I thought that was normal”.

“To me, it was like the western attitude towards the whole thing was so skewed”.

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