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Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul

Andrew Tate called out Jake Paul for a fight back in 2020.

At that time, Andrew wasn’t that popular on the internet.

In 2022, Andrew rose to popularity after achieving virality on TikTok.

Jake responded by saying that he didn’t know who Andrew was.

So, is the fight between Jake Paul and Andrew Tate happening?

In this article, you’ll learn if Andrew Tate is fighting Jake Paul and the date of the fight.

Is Andrew Tate fighting Jake Paul?

Currently, Andrew Tate is not fighting Jake Paul.

However, the Paul brothers have recently talked about it on their podcast.

“I want to go more in-depth about me (Jake Paul) versus Andrew Tate”.

“No, I’m not saying a fight, I’m saying like he talks sh*t about me and says he wants to beat my a**”.

Logan then stepped in and asks for Jake’s blessing to beat the sh*t out of Andrew.

Jake responded with, “100%. But I don’t think he would fight us”.

In 2020, Andrew called out Jake Paul for a fight, but it seems like he’s not interested in it anymore.

Here’s what he said back then, “Jake Paul, it’s clear to me you are desperate for a reality check”.

“You know what, if I made my money impressing 4-year-olds on YouTube and managed to somehow become a multi-millionaire from it, I’d probably live in the dream world too”.

“This is the hardest sport in the world and people dedicate their lives to this”.

“I don’t have 50 million to bet with you, but I do have 3 million to bet with you”.

“You put 3, I put 3, winner takes all. I’m a kickboxer, I don’t even box. You’re 2 and 0 in boxing. I’m 0 and 0 in boxing”.

In an Adin Ross stream, Adin asks if Andrew and his brother would fight the Paul brothers.

Andrew replied, “Why do you want me to fight? What if he loses?”.

Adin, “Well, I love both of you. So it’s kind of like, wow, I’m watching two of my friends fight”.

Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul date

Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul

Andrew Tate vs. Jake Paul date is not confirmed.

Neither one of them has confirmed that they are fighting against each other.

Andrew Tate is a four-time kickboxing champion.

However, he has no boxing experience.

On the other hand, Jake Paul is a professional boxer.

His well-known fights include Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

Apparently, Andrew followed Jake on Instagram and sent him a message.

However, Andrew unfollowed him and unsent the message sometime after.

Jake, “So, he followed me up until last week. He was a fanboy”.

“Look at this, message, it says accept message request from Andrew Tate”.

“It still shows that he tried to send me a message at some point”.

“Andrew, if my brother doesn’t f*ck you up, I will. And it has to go down”.

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