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Angela Aguilar Video Trending on Twitter

Angela Aguilar is trending on Twitter and other social media platforms because of an allegedly leaked video.

The video allegedly contains intimate footage of Angela.

Angela Aguilar Alvarez Alcala is a Mexican-American singer who was born in Los Angeles.

She gained popularity after performing “La Llorona” in 2019 at the Annual Latin Grammy Awards.

Her grandparents are the singers and actors from Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, the golden age of Mexican cinema.

In 2023, an intimate video of her was allegedly leaked on social media platforms.

However, Angela posted a tweet about the matter, saying that it was a hoax.

Here’s an English translation of what she said, “They have been sharing fake images and photomontages of me. How sad to see the effort to attack and discredit the work of women”.

“I usually stay quiet because I prefer to express my heart with what makes it beat, the music”.

“But today, I raise my voice and use my platform and echo, not only for me but for all the women and people who have
suffered cyberbullying”.

“Thank you all for so much love and affection always. Remember always raise your voice and let no one ever turn us off”.

“Together we are more conscious. I will leave and let my legal team handle it from now on”.

The tweet was seen over 210,000 times and got over 3.9k likes.

Angela has over 250k followers on Twitter and 9 million followers on Instagram.

The post was shared on all of her social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

On Facebook, the post got over 11k reactions and on Instagram, it got over 176k likes.

Many of her fans left supportive and positive comments on her posts.

“With you always! We all know the truth. Still that example of a young, strong, successful woman who inspires so many people. You are great! I stand in awe of you!”.

“I’m with you Angela, just advice, it is written people, everyone, and together. This is wrong”.

“Don’t mind haters, they don’t go to your concerts. They just have no life and are behind a phone throwing venom”.

However, some people were not so supportive of her stand, “Women, now yes women? So you had to go through those aggressions to join the other women? How convenient of you, now that you can’t, involve the other women, anyway, collective convenience”.

“I was going to put like because I thought it was a smart person, but when using inclusive language, denotes that no, well who wrote it”.

Angela said that her legal team is working on the matter.

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