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Longest Answer or Die Roblox Answers

Answer or Die is a game show in Roblox where players compete to name the longest answers.

Here’s an example of a question, “Name a famous Roblox Youtuber”.

In the game, you need to gain blocks and survive against the rising water.

You can beat other players are try to get on top of the leaderboards.

This article contains the best and longest Answer or Die Roblox answers (social media, name an animal, country, city, etc.).

Answer or Die Roblox Answers

Best Answer or Die Roblox answers:

  • A day of the week – Wednesday
  • Animal that start with C – Caterpillar
  • Animal that walk slowly – Caterpillar
  • Capital City In Europe – Andorra la Vella
  • Country that starts with A – Antigua and Barbuda
  • Electronic device – PlayStation Controller
  • Famous Roblox Youtuber – Inquisitormaster
  • Fastest animal – Swordfish
  • Flying Animal – Western Honey Bee
  • Food that starts with P – Passion Fruit
  • Month that has 31 days – December
  • Musical Instrument – Orchestral Bells
  • Natural hair color – Brunette
  • One of the four seasons – Autumn
  • Part of the head – Forehead
  • Planet in our Solar System – Mercury
  • Popular Superhero – Captain America
  • Popular Fruit – Passion Fruit
  • Popular Car Color – Orange
  • Popular game on Roblox – Natural Disaster Survival
  • Popular vegetable – Cauliflower
  • Red Fruit – Red Passionfruit
  • Santa’s Reindeers – Rudolph
  • Social Media App – Facebook Messenger
  • Something people wear – Contact Lenses
  • Something you can sit on – Rocking Chair
  • Something you do at school – Physical Education
  • Something you do in your sleep – Nightmare
  • Something you eat with – Ice Cream Spoon
  • Something you eat with hands – Chicken Nuggets
  • Something you find on Pizza – Mozzarella Cheese
  • Something we know – Copy and Paste
  • Sport that is played in teams – American Football
  • Santa’s reindeers – Rudolph
  • Topping on a hamburger – American Cheese
  • Type of Transport – Underground Funicular
  • Type of Weather – Thunderstorm
  • World’s Coldest Countries – United States of America
  • World’s Hottest Countries – Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Name a Shape – Parallelogram / Triangular Prism
  • Color in the Rainbow – Purple

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