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How to Solve Aradanish Puzzle in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has multiple missions/quests that you can do for rewards.

It also has side quests, cutscenes, stories, and more.

Some quests may seem easy, but they are deceptively difficult.

For example, you might be stuck trying to solve a puzzle.

However, the solution to the puzzle is obvious.

In other cases, some puzzles or tasks are difficult to solve because there are little to no hints at all.

A puzzle in the game is the Aradanish Puzzle.

However, you might not know how to complete the puzzle.

This is because you might not be given any hints or directions.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to solve the Ardanish Puzzle in Genshin Impact

How to solve Aradanish Puzzle in Genshin Impact

Aradanish Puzzle in Genshin Impact

Q: This time, what Aradanish wants… Hay. A lot of hay, bundled together. “Time is ticking,” and Nara needs to be fast, very fast”.

  1. Go south of Devantaka Mountain and talk to Aradanish.
  2. Select “Sure, what are we playing?”.
  3. Touch the haystack if the hint is “Hay. A lot of hay, bundled together”.

After you’ve touched the hay, here’s what Aradanish will say, “Golden Nara is as fast as they said!”.

“Only good Nara plays games with Aradanish. This is for friend Nara!”.

A Common Chest will appear and you can loot it.

Its rewards are “Adventurer’s Tail Feather”, “Instructor’s Pocket Watch”, and “Adventurer’s Experience”.

“Nara finds stuff quickly and never gets it wrong. Nara is stronger than Aranishat”.

There are also other Aradanish puzzles in Genshin Impact other than this one.

If you’re in Mawtiyima forest, you need to find the chest on top of the giant mushroom north of the forest.

You need to touch the small wooden crate instead of a chest.

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