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Arya Stark Combos in MultiVersus

Arya Stark is an assassin class character, which means that she’s fast.

She’s lighter but takes 14% more damage.

She has an unorthodox playstyle and can jump across the stage.

You can use follow-ups to rack up a ton of damage through her combos or secure kills at the top or the sides of the map.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best Arya combos in MultiVersus, moves with inputs, and a legend for them.

Input guide for Arya

Input legend

  • DC: Dodge Cancel
  • D: Down
  • S: Side
  • U: Up
  • Normal: Attack
  • Dair: Down Air Attack
  • Upair: Up Air Attack
  • FF: Fast Fall

Arya Combos in MultiVersus

Arya Combos MultiVersus

Arya combos in MultiVersus

  • Side Normal, Up special, Dair, Upair
  • Side Normal, Up Special, Sair
  • Dair, Up Special, Dair, Upair
  • Dair/Side Normal, Up Special, Dair, FF Up Special, Dair, FF Up Special, Up Air (Pillar Combo)
  • Side Special, Side Normal, Up Special, Dair, Up Special, FF Upair, Side Special, Up Special, Up Air (Kill Confirm)
  • Side Special, Side Normal, Up Special, Sair, FF Side Special, Dair (Kill Confirm)
  • Side Special, Side Normal, Up Special, FF Up Air, Side Special, Up Special/Air (Kill Confirm)
  • Side Special, Down Normal, Side Special, Up Special, Up Air (Kill Confirm)

Tip: You need to buffer the Dair half a second before you finish the up special animation (press Dair and it will come out without fast-falling).

Do note that all of these combos need to be adjusted for DI.

This is because the training room dummy does not DI.

You have to follow drift and choose the correct aerials to follow up.

Arya moves in MultiVersus

Arya Moves MultiVersus

Arya basic attacks

  • Needle Strike/Knife Flourish – Neutral + Attack
  • Shark Edges/Aerial Slash – Side + Attack
  • Upward Slash/Whirling Stab – Up + Attack
  • Rolling Slash/Stinger – Down + Attack

Arya special attacks

  • Face-Stealer – Neutral + Special
  • Knife-Thrower – Side + Special
  • Dagger Slash – Up + Special
  • Blade-Sharpener – Down + Special

Arya passive abilities

  • Arya deals more damage with MELEE attacks if she hits enemies in the back.
  • Arya and her ally briefly get DISORIENT whenever she neutral dodges an attack.
  • Arya becomes ENRAGED when her allies are knocked out, making her next attack inflict maximum STACKS of WEAKENED.
  • When Arya knocks out an enemy, a pie will spawn that will HEAL allies and deal SLOW to enemies.

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