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How to Make ASMR in Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft is a sandbox game created by Neal Agarwal.

Players must create new elements using the four elements—water, fire, wind, and earth.

By combining two elements, players can discover a new element.

For example, you’ll get a new element called “Wave” by combining water and wind.

The game uses generative AI including LLaMA and Together AI, so the possibilities are endless.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to craft or make ASMR in Infinite Craft (using the fastest and easiest recipe).

How to Make ASMR in Infinite Craft

Here’s how to make ASMR in Infinite Craft:

  1. 💧 Water +💨 Wind =🌊 Wave
  2. 🌎 Earth +🌊 Wave =🏖️ Sand
  3. 🔥 Fire +💧 Water =💨 Steam
  4. 🔥 Fire +💨 Steam =🚗 Engine
  5. 🌎 Earth +💨 Wind =🌫️ Dust
  6. 🌎 Earth +🔥 Fire =🌋 Lava
  7. 🚗 Engine +🏖️ Sand =🏖️ Sandbox
  8. 🌫️ Dust +🌎 Earth =🪐 Planet
  9. 🌋 Lava +💧 Water =🪨 Stone
  10. 🪐 Planet +🏖️ Sandbox =🏰 Minecraft
  11. 💨 Steam +🪨 Stone =🌋 Geysir
  12. 🌋 Geysir +🏰 Minecraft =📺 Youtube
  13. 🔥 Fire +🏖️ Sand =🥃 Glass
  14. 🔥 Fire +🔥 Fire =🌋 Volcano
  15. 🥃 Glass +💨 Steam =🪞 Mirror
  16. 🪞 Mirror +🌋 Volcano =👯 Echo
  17. 👯 Echo +💨 Wind =🤫 Whisper
  18. 📺 Youtube +🤫 Whisper =🤫 ASMR

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