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15 Best Astrology Meme Instagram Accounts to Follow

The best astrology meme accounts on Instagram have a good mix between quotes and memes.

Some of which are extremely relatable to our daily lives that make you go, “That’s exactly me!’.

Follow these accounts to fill your day with happiness and laughter.

Here are the best astrology meme Instagram accounts:

1. @piscesthingz

Piscesthingz is one the best Instagram astrology meme account to follow if you’re a Pisces. They post funny memes and quotes about what’s in the mind of a typical Pisces.

They regard Pisces as a sleepyhead, overthinking, and problem-evading people. On the other hand, they are also lovable, unique, and smart individuals.

2. @gemini.tale

Are you a Gemini that enjoys funny and relatable content? Then gemini.tale is for you!

They share funny and relatable content about all things Gemini and posts on a daily basis.

One of their most recent posts describes Gemini (per letter) as great at comebacks and are easily annoyed.

They also love making people confused, are always in the mood for attention, never taking things seriously, and are intelligent.

Any of these sound familiar to you? If they do, follow them for more of this content!

3. @solelunastro

Solelunastro is a light-hearted astrology meme account posting general astrology memes and quotes.

One of their most popular posts portrays Squidward’s pin exposing Aries as a passionate and loud character about things and people that are important to them. In other words, Aries is full of energy.

The second photo describes Taurus being lazy and self-indulgent as having good self-care.

This also means that they never waste their time and energy on something that brings no value.

In the third photo, the pin addresses Geminis’ flaw of being two-faced as multifaceted, ever-changing, and the ability to get along with different kinds of people. In other words, it’s called having a range.

Next in the carousel is a pin tackling Cancer as being crybabies.

It tackles this by describing them as being sensitive to the world around them and that they genuinely care about everything. This is also known as having a big heart.

In the fifth photo, the pin counters Leos’ self-obsessiveness as a sign that they value and have a lot of self-love for themselves.

Lastly, the photo portrays that Virgos as hypercritical.

This makes them detail-oriented and sets high standards for themselves and others. Which also means that they’re very conscientious.

4. @kayxstars


Kayxstars posts general astrology memes, quotes, and tweets.

Their most popular and recent post used the Tuxedo Winnie The Pooh template emphasizing the high level of culture if someone asks for your sun, moon, and rising.

5. @zodiacvibe.z

Zodiacvibe.z posts content about all zodiac signs.

Their most popular and recent post exposes the flaws of different zodiac signs:

Aries being not trusting your instincts and getting played and Taurus realizing that they’re wrong halfway in the argument but still continues arguing.

Gemini enjoying the chase but not wanting a relationship and Cancer going in for a hug but receives a high five instead.

Next up we have Leo missing your ex but escapes when they want you back and Virgo where nobody understands what you’re talking about.

Libra checking your story to check whether a specific person saw it and Scorpio looking back at your old drawings thinking that they’re good.

Lastly, we have Sagittarius saying that you care but you don’t and Capricorn opening up and regretting what you said.

Aquarius not asking for help when you really need it and Pisces thinking that the whole world is against you over a small inconvenience.

Can you relate to any of these descriptions? If so, give zodiacvibe.z a follow!

6. @scorpiosaga

Scorpiosaga posts memes, quotes, and tweets about all things Scorpio.

They recently posted a screenshot of a tweet stating that Scorpios are inclined to deleting all traces of themselves, blocking everyone, and starting over.

If you can relate to this, give scorpiosaga a follow on Instagram!

7. @virgoholics

Virgoholics posts Virgo memes and quotes.

One of their posts mentions Virgos as never being jealous because they lose interest quickly.

Can you relate to this? If you do, go give virgoholics a follow on Instagram!

8. @drunkstrology

Drunkstrology posts general astrology content.

One of their posts contains a carousel of memes making fun of each zodiac sign.

Sagittarius is described as always expressing their feelings by telling weird jokes and Capricorn never being positive.

Aquarius always texting late, and Pisces never knowing if they’re too talkative or too quiet.

9. @zodiacbear

Zodiacbear posts relatable content about various zodiac signs.

One of their posts is a list of signs most likely to ‘x’ (e.g. signs most likely to go to hell/be awkward/fall in love fast).

Additionally, the caption of each post has a reminder telling you that you’re beautiful, worth it, and that someone loves you.

If you’re into debunking various zodiac signs and their personalities, give zodiacbear a follow on Instagram!

10. @thezodiacstea

Thezodiacstea is one of the most popular astrology meme accounts on Instagram.

They post astrology memes about all zodiac signs.

Here’s a breakdown of one of their carousel posts briefly describing each and every zodiac sign:

Zodiac signDescription
ScorpioDomesticated yet feral, are badass, psychoanalyzes people for fun, and wears their mood on their faces.
TaurusTheir biggest fear is crying in public, being moody without headphones, says “mood” to everything, and being comforted by their dream world.
AriesHates rejection, is smart, expresses themselves through music, and has a comforting presence.
GeminiIgnores their notifications, starting shows they won’t finish, destroys arguments, and either being obsessed or not caring at all.
CancerEither shy or doesn’t like you, has a playlist for every mood, is impulsive but mindful, and speaks in meme.
Virgo“Why did you text me in that tone?”, hopeless romantic, practices self-care, and is aggressive yet gentle.
PiscesCan be a sweetheart yet evil, “just one last video before I sleep”, hurt that their crush has no personality, and dances when nobody’s watching.
CapricornIndependent, easily bored, remembers compliments from years ago, and imaginative yet realistic.
LeoCares about what people think, is moody in group projects, confused about love, and very panicky.
AquariusA living meme, makes uncomprehensible references, accidentally offends others, and is moody when forced to talk.
Libra Lacks a sense of self, “please use your inner voice”, vibe checks others, and internally screaming.
SagittariusTexts with typos, moody and distant, shocked by kindness, and just wants to be taken seriously.

Can you relate to any of these descriptions? If you do, give thezodiacstea a follow on Instagram!

11. @moonlyhoroscopes


Moonlyhoroscopes posts memes about general zodiac signs.

One of their carousel posts shows you how to attract different zodiac signs.

An example to attract an Aries is to challenge them, stand up for yourself, be spontaneous and adventurous.

12. @taurusimply

Taurusimply posts daily Taurus memes.

One of their memes shows that Taurus is normal on the outside, but they are cringing on the inside thinking about all the opportunities they missed because they were sad.

If you’re a Taurus, this is a must-follow account!

13. @libras.society

Are you a Libra? Then libras.society is for you!

They post daily Libra memes that you will definitely relate to.

Their most recent post suggests that Libras love people who listen to their playlist, send memes, give balanced attention and space.

14. @spicyastrologyy

Looking for more general astrology memes?

Spicyastrologyy posts daily astrology memes on various zodiac signs.

One of their most recent posts shows that Aries are very competitive people.

15. @astrology_babey


Astrology_babey posts astrology-related memes and quotes.

Their most recent post shows the hidden talents of various zodiac signs.

Give them a follow if you can relate to these talents!


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