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Being a DIK Drinking Games Guide

Being a DIK is an adult Visual Novel where you play as a male college student, and your choices determine the outcome of the story.

You can choose to be caring and romantic or daring and straightforward.

The girls in the game have different values and may or may not be attracted to you based on your choices.

The game also features optional mini-games and free-roam events where you can explore your environment.

Boosters, cheats, and skills can be purchased to make the mini-games easier, and hidden items can unlock special lewd artwork.

Season 1 of Being a DIK contains 361 animated scenes and over 8000 images, offering 8-12 hours of gameplay with multiple paths to experience.

Season 2 and future seasons will be released as separate DLCs, continuing the story.

This guide contains Being a DIK drinking games/minigame guide and how to beat it with ease on Steam (gameplay).

Being a DIK drinking games guide

To play drinking games in Being a DIK, you must maneuver the cursor through a lengthy, narrow, and winding path within a specific time limit, which can be somewhat difficult.

However, there is a straightforward way to bypass the challenge altogether.

Here’s a short guide:

  1. Prerequisite: Run the game in windowed mode (in the settings).
  2. Once you’re at a drinking game, move the cursor to the starting position, and keep your eyes glued to the ending position.
  3. Alt+Tab out of the game and move the cursor to where the ending position was.
  4. Alt+Tab back into the game to breeze through the challenge and repeat the steps until the drinking game is finished.

In case the Alt+Tab method is not functioning in your game version, an alternative way is to use the middle mouse button/wheel to bring up the phone menu.

By doing so, you can navigate the cursor to where it needs to be before clicking the middle mouse button/wheel again to exit the phone menu and complete the challenge.

Although this approach can be considered cheating, the game permits you to cheat in English, Math, and Gender Studies tests and even rewards you with DIK points for doing so.


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