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7 Best Discord Server Templates

Discord server templates allow you to clone your server’s categories, channels, roles, and more.

You can either import a server template or share it.

If you want to import a server template, you need to copy its link.

Then, paste the link in the URL field of a browser like Chrome.

After you’ve pasted the link, you’ll be prompted to open Discord.

Once you’ve opened Discord, you’ll be able to import the template by clicking on “Create”.

This article contains a guide on how to copy a Discord server template and the 7 best Discord server templates.

How to use a Discord server template

How to copy a Discord server template

To use a Discord server template, you must first go to the Discord Templates website.

Once you’re on the website, navigate to the template that you want to use and click on “Use Template”.

The Discord Templates website contains a list of community-made server templates.

These templates are categorized by various tags.

For example, if you want to find a gaming server template, you can search for “gaming” on the search bar.

Then, you’ll see a list of gaming Discord templates that you can use for your own server.

You can also click on the tags under the search bar to browse by tags.

How to import a Discord server template

After you’ve clicked on “Use Template”, the Discord app will be launched.

Discord will then prompt you to replace your server’s template with the template that you’ve selected.

Firstly, click on the “+” icon and upload a server image.

Next, choose a server name and enter it under the “Server Name” field.

Lastly, click on “Create” to replace your server’s template.

7 Best Discord Server Templates

In this section, I’ve shortlisted 7 of the best Discord server templates that you can use for your Discord server.

These templates are chosen based on simplicity, aesthetics, emojis, and uniqueness.

Simplicity is important as you don’t want your server to be too cluttered.

In addition, aesthetics will attract new users to join your server.

To use these templates, click on the template’s download link.

Then, click on “Use Template” to use the template.

Here are the 7 best Discord server templates:

  1. Simple Server for Friends
  2. Garden Cafe
  3. Another Japan Theme
  4. Cafe Themed Aesthetic Server
  5. Gaming Community Friends
  6. City-Themed Community Server
  7. Pirate Theme

1. Simple Server for Friends

Simple Discord server template

Cute Simple Aesthetic Server download link: https://templates.xenon.bot/templates/cj4a8bwkV2qS.

If you’re into minimalism, the “Simple Server for Friends ” template is for you.

The “Simple Server for Friends” template is a simple template that contains only the essentials.

It has a simple layout, symbols, no fonts, and basic roles.

If you’re running a small server, this template is suitable for you as it does not have too many channels.

This is because having too many channels can clutter your Discord server.

The template has a few simple roles including “@everyone”, “Owner”, “Staff”, “Friend”, “Member”, and “Bots”.

2. Garden Cafe

Best Discord server template

Garden Café download link: https://templates.xenon.bot/templates/8p2sAz36Xy4e.

The “Garden Cafe” template is a cafe-themed Discord server template.

The theme utilizes cute emojis such as the sunflower, cake, and coffee emoji.

The emoji usage is very consistent across all channels, which makes your server very organized.

It has a soft and indie aesthetic, which is suitable for everyone.

The theme has 4 channel categories including “Cafe info”, “Chatting”, “Calls”, and “Staff”.

Roles include “@everyone”, “Members”, “Admin”, “Mods”, “Co-Owner”, and “Owner”.

Garden Cafe is very underrated, with over 200 uses.

3. Another Japan Theme

Japan Discord server template

Another Japan Theme download link: https://templates.xenon.bot/templates/gzYbspC6cshh.

The “Another Japan Theme” template is a Japan-themed Discord server template.

It’s packed with multiple channels and roles.

If you’re running a large Discord server, this server template is suitable for you.

The template has 6 categories including “Info Desk”, “Main Room”, “Fun Room”, “Partners”, “Voice”, and “Staff”.

The channels contain Japan-themed emojis such as the cherry blossom emoji.

Another Japan Theme has a multitude of roles including colors and titles.

It has over 200 uses, which is similar to the “Garden Cafe” template.

4. Cafe Themed Aesthetic Server

Café Discord server template

Café Themed Aesthetic Server download link: https://discordtemplates.me/templates/742879912855339018.

This is another cafe-themed Discord server template.

Compared to the Garden Cafe template, the Cafe Themed Aesthetic Server has more categories, channels, and roles.

If you’re running a large Discord server, this theme is suitable for you.

The theme has 9 categories including “Verify”, “Welcome”, “Important”, “Front Desk”, “Cafe”, “Media”, “Other”, “Staff Room”, and “Voice Channels”.

The channels contain cafe-themed emojis including pancakes, donuts, cookies, and more, which caters to food lovers.

Café Themed Aesthetic Server has a lot of roles including “customers”, “friends”, “bots”, and more.

It has over 4,000 uses, which makes it one of the more popular templates.

5. Gaming Community Friends

Gaming Discord server template

Gaming Community Friends download link: https://discordtemplates.me/templates/734824647434043433.

It’s time for a gaming Discord server template!

If you’re running a gaming Discord server, this template is for you.

The Gaming Community Friends template allows you to chill out with your friends or your community.

It contains 8 categories including “Welcome”, “Important”, “Levels”, “Chats”, “Partner”, “Owner Talk”, “Voices”, and “Game Compartment”.

The “Game Compartment” category is dedicated to gaming voice channels including game duos, game trios, game teams, and open game talk.

Gaming Community Friends has over 2,000 uses.

6. City-Themed Community Server

City-Themed Community Server download link: https://discordtemplates.me/templates/733718266198884373.

If you live in a city, you’re going to love this template.

The City-Themed Community Server template contains city-themed emojis.

This includes a megaphone, house, and a police emoji.

The template contains 6 categories including “Information Crescent”, “Chatroom Lane”, “Bot Parks”, “Social Street”, “Random Alleyway”, and “Staff House”.

These categories are also named after things in a city.

There are also city-themed roles including “Citizen”, “Trusted”, “VIP”, and more.

City-Themed Community Server is very underrated, with over 100 uses.

7. Pirate Theme

Pirate Discord server template

Pirate Theme download link: https://discordtemplates.me/templates/662669558850781204.

Are you into pirates, looting, and gaming?

If you are, the Pirate Theme server template is for you!

The template contains 4 categories including “Server Status”, “Information”, “Bot Command”, and “Social Distancing”.

It also contains 15 pirate-themed roles including “Crew”, “Navigator”, “Captain”, and more.

This theme is suitable for pirate roleplaying and gaming.

It has over 1,000 uses, which makes it one of the more popular themes.


Did you find a theme that you like in this article?

If you didn’t, you can browse the Discord Templates website for more themes.

You can search for templates using the search bar or browse by tags.

For example, if you’re looking for a gaming template, click on the “Gaming” tag.

If you can’t find a related tag, you can search for templates using the search bar.

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