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Top 20 Best Osu Skins

Osu is a free-to-play rhythm game developed by Dean Herbert.

As of 2021, the game has over 15 million registered users.

Osu allows you to import skins made by other users.

Skins can change the whole aesthetic of the game.

There are thousands of Osu skins that you can download.

However, only a few of them have the lion’s share of downloads.

There are other less popular skins—but some of them are as good as the most popular ones.

This article contains the top 20 best Osu skins of all time (cute, simple, and good skins) by their number of views and downloads (to determine their popularity).

The first skin on the list is the 1st most popular skin while the twentieth skin is the 20th most popular skin.

You can download each skin by clicking on the download links (provided by osuskins.net).

Here are the top 20 best Osu skins:

1. dokidokilolixx

Best Osu skin

Clean white Osu skin by dokidokilolixx.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/KH69gJk

Views: 879.8k

Downloads: 587.8k

Reviews: 398

2. – YUGEN –

Green Osu skin

Green tea Osu skin by Garin.

Yūgen means “dim”, “deep”, or “mysterious” according to Chinese philosophical texts.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/wEaMJGb

Views: 825.9k

Downloads: 514.3k

Reviews: 137

3. Varvalian

Good Osu skin

Blue Osu skin by Varvalian.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/vjUqKOh

Views: 492.7k

Downloads: 279.1k

Reviews: 81

4. New Retro Wave

Pink Osu skin

Cute and pastel pink Osu skin by dlwnstns99.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/gFfrbxq

Views: 451.7k

Downloads: 262.5k

Reviews: 80

5. clearblack

Clean Osu skin

Clear black Osu skin by EasyModo.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/lwteH8H

Views: 367.5k

Downloads: 214.3k

Reviews: 36

6. Rafis

Rafis Osu skin

White and yellow Osu skin by Rafis.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/ekynLzX

Views: 298.7k

Downloads: 177.9k

Reviews: 34

7. FlyingTuna Selyu v2.2

FlyingTuna Selyu v2.2

FlyingTuna Selyu Osu skin (v2.2).

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/9aNJZt6

Views: 308k

Downloads: 177k

Reviews: 43

8. AS – Zero Two

Zero Two Osu skin

Zero Two Osu skin (red) by dlwnstns99 (also the creator of the New Retro Wave skin).

This skin is based on Zero Two, a fictional character from the Japanese anime, Darling in the Franxx.

She is an artifically-created “machine” who aspires to become human.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/qxqpsS0

Views: 282.8k

Downloads: 153.6k

Reviews: 66

9. Cookiezi 29

Cookiezi 29

Cookiezi Osu skin.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/nw8GAc9

Views: 236.9k

Downloads: 121.9k

Reviews: 31

10. Selyu v2.2

Selyu v2.2

Selyu v2.2 Osu skin by FlyingTuna.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/GUPknrR

Views: 202.1k

Downloads: 119.8k

Reviews: 20


Minecraft Osu skin

This is an Osu skin based on the sandbox game, Minecraft—one of the most popular games in the world.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/TJCCPpH

Views: 213.4k

Downloads: 118.1k

Reviews: 79

12. Informous

Informous Osu skin

Red and white Osu skin by Informous.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/FvYmjBF

Views: 186.3k

Downloads: 114.6k

Reviews: 12

13. Miraie III

Miraie III Osu skin

Pink and white Osu skin by Keio.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/Le4w7zw

Views: 211.3k

Downloads: 114.1k

Reviews: 37

14. BeasttrollMC

Blue Osu skin BeasttrollMC

Blue and white Osu skin.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/Z5wcuAF

Views: 199.6k

Downloads: 95.6k

Reviews: 15

15. azer -ite

azer -ite

Blue Osu skin.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/KTrKQrM

Views: 165k

Downloads: 93.4k

Reviews: 28

16. FlyingTuna MathiTuna

FlyingTuna MathiTuna

FlyingTuna MathiTuna Osu skin.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/PqIIlcl

Views: 138.2k

Downloads: 76.2k

Reviews: 16

17. -Megumin2K-


This is a violet-red and blue Osu skin based on Megumin.

Megumin is a fictional character from KonoSuba, a Japanese novel series.

She is an Arch Wizard of the Crimson Magic Clan and carries a brown staff with a floating red gem.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/CxQV7Bv

Views: 152.9k

Downloads: 72.5k

Reviews: 17

18. – ! + ytgrs + ! –

- ! + ytgrs + ! -

Pink and blue Osu skin.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/B9LpszT

Views: 141k

Downloads: 70.7k

Reviews: 34

19. Cookiezi 10

White Osu skin Cookiezi 10

Blue and white Osu skin.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/NRgq2hI

Views: 132k

Downloads: 66.3k

Reviews: 28


Arifureta Osu skin

This is a white and black Osu skin based on Arifureta.

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest is a Japanese light novel series by Ryo Shirakome.

In the series, Hajime Nagumo is transported to another world with basic magical abilities.

The novels are licensed and published in print by J-Novel Club and Seven Seas Entertainment.

Download link: https://osuskins.net/skin/pexZjM8

Views: 136.5k

Downloads: 65.9k

Reviews: 12


As you can see from the list, the top 2 skins have the lion’s share of downloads.

Both skins have over 1 million combined downloads.

Did you find a skin that you like on the list?

If you did, feel free to download it by clicking on its download link.

The download links are provided by a third-party website—osuskins.net.

Note: Neither followchain.org nor osuskins.net is associated with “osu!” or “ppy”.

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