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Best Takeovers in NBA 2K23

Takeovers are a realistic element in the NBA 2K series (NBA 2K23).

They give a boost to your player’s stats like shooting, defense, playmaking, and more.

The takeovers that you should use depends on your position or your build.

That said, there are some takeovers that are better than others.

These takeovers are also known as “broken” or “overpowered” takeovers.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best takeovers in NBA 2K23 for next-gen and current-gen so that you can improve your gameplay.

Best takeovers in NBA 2K23 (Next-Gen)

Best takeovers in NBA 2K23

Best NBA 2K23 takeovers (Next-Gen):

S TierAdvanced Post Moves, Post Shot Daggers, Power Backdowns, Easy Blowbys, Negative Impact
A TierLimitless Range, Anklebreaking Shots, Perimeter Badge Drop, Stuff Blocks, Extreme Clamps, Finishing Moves, Interior Badge Drop, Pull-Up Precision, See The Future, Spot-Up Precision
B TierEnhanced Jumpshot Contests, Advanced Gathers, Glass Clearing Dimes, Paint Intimidation

The Post Score takeovers are broken (Advanced Post Moves, Post Shot Daggers, and Power Backdowns) because it makes it easy to get around your defender.

Easy Blowbys allow you to go right pass people.

Negative Impact is a broken takeover because it allows you to shoot anything and fade it.

Limitless Range is also a badge, but it’s locked behind a lot of attribute points, so having it as a takeover is better.

Helping you hit shots off of step-backs, anklebreaking shots is a great takeover.

The rest of the A Tier takeovers are all viable and nearly overpowered.

Anything B Tier is considered usable—but it’s recommended that you use S or A tier takeovers.

Best takeovers in NBA 2K23 (Current-Gen)

NBA 2K23 takeovers tier list

NBA 2K23 takeovers tier list (Current-Gen):

S TierPost Scorer, Spot Up Shooter
A TierGlass Cleaner, Lockdown Defender, Playmaker, Slashers
B TierRim Protector, Shot Creator

This takeover tier list can be subject to change because they depend on your playstyle.

To begin with, Post Scorer is broken because when it comes to takeovers, you just need to hold up the analog stick and hope that your opponent doesn’t contest you.

Spot Up Shooter is arguably the best takeover in the game because they improve your shooting.

Slashers, Glass Cleaner, and Lockdown Defender are also top-tier takeovers.

Rim protector used to be a top-tier badge because of the need for interior defense.

However, current-gen might be an outlier.

Lastly, Shot Creator is not really viable even though fading is still good mainly because other takeovers are superior over it.

There are really no bad takeovers in current-gen, but an overpowered takeover is Post Scorer.

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