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Binance Learn and Earn Radiant (RDNT) Quiz Answers

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This guide contains the Binance Learn and Earn Radiant (RDNT) quiz answers to get a 3 RDNT principal reward for free (10% APR).

Binance Learn and Earn Radiant (RDNT) Quiz Answers

Question: What is the primary goal of decentralized finance (DeFi) money markets like Radiant Capital?

Answer: To revolutionize asset transfer and accumulation globally.

Question: What is the nature of RDNT in Radiant Capital’s ecosystem?

Answer: An Omnichain Fungible Token.

Question: What percentage of protocol fees are returned to Radiant’s users?

Answer: 85%.

Question: What is required for a user to receive RDNT emissions in Radiant’s platform?

Answer: The user’s dLP value must stay above 5% of their deposits in Radiant’s lending markets.

Question: What are the benefits of dLPs in Radiant’s ecosystem?

Answer: Receive RDNT emissions, protocol fees, and governance power.

Question: What notable feature did Radiant introduce with its V2 launch?

Answer: Omnichain functionality.

Question: What is the purpose of Radiant’s Dynamic Liquidity (dLP) staking mechanism?

Answer: To align user incentives with the protocol’s sustainability.

Question: Which blockcahin does Radiant V2 currently support?

Answer: Ethereum Mainnet, Arbitrum, and BNB Chain.

Question: How does Radiant V2 aim to solve the problem of fractured liquidity in DeFi?

Answer: By using omnichain technology to pool assets from all enabled chains.

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