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Braised Turkey with Apples Recipe in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has multiple recipes that you can make.

However, you need to discover a recipe before you can make the food.

To discover a recipe, you need to gather and place the correct ingredients in the cooker until you reach a 100% success rate.

A recipe that you can discover is the Braised Turkey with Apples recipe in ToF for Aida Cafe.

After you’ve got the ingredients for it, you can make the recipe by placing them in the cooker.

However, you might not know what are the ingredients for it because there are no hints.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make the Braised Turkey with Apples recipe in Tower of Fantasy.

Braised Turkey with Apples recipe in Tower of Fantasy

Braised Turkey with Apples recipe in Tower of Fantasy

Braised Turkey with Apples recipe in Tower of Fantasy:

  • 2x Turkey
  • 5x Apple
  • 5x Potato
  • 3x Broccoli

How to get Braised Turkey with Apples ingredients:

  • Turkey – Defeat large hyenas
  • Apple – Near Omnium Tower
  • Potato – Southwest of Banges Farms
  • Broccoli – Near Astra Cemetery

Description: An Astra specialty. Thanks to the promotions of vendors and travelers, it has become popular across the entire continent. After defeating Apophis and Rose Queen, drops from password chest during the Aida Cafe event. Alternatively obtained by collecting ingredients and cooking.

After you’ve placed 2x Turkey, 5x Apple, 5x Potato, and 3x Broccoli in the cooker, you’ll get a 100% success rate.

If you don’t get a 100% success rate, add more of an ingredient until you reach 15/15 ingredients.

Select “Cooking” to start making the turkey.

Once it’s done, you’ll get 1x Braised Turkey with Apples.

If you get other dishes, add the same ingredients to the cooker and try again.

When you consume the Braised Turkey with Apples, you’ll regenerate 20 satiety.

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