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Bybit Quest Listings Quiz Answers

Bybit is a crypto spot and futures exchange with robust features.

It has an easy trade option, large trades and positions tracking, and Web3.

It also has asset management, copy trading, and an NFT marketplace.

Sign up for Bybit using this link: bybit.com/invite?ref=ENZVPV or use “ENZVPV” as the referral code.

Complete the registration process > Menu > Learn > Announcements > Latest Activities > Current Quiz.

In this article, you’ll learn the Bybit Quest “Learn About The Latest Bybit Listings” quiz answers to get 25 USDT.

Bybit Quest Listings Quiz Answers

Question: What network does Silly Dragon run on?

Answer: Solana

Question: What significant event occurred two days after the launch of Silly Dragon?

Answer: SILLY surged to a market capitalization of $10 million.

Question: What is the primary utility of the Silly Dragon meme coin?

Answer: To harness its trendiness and popularity.

Question: What was the market capitalization of Silly Dragon as of December 27, 2023?

Answer: $140 Million

Question: What is the primary function of ZKFair?

Answer: To act as a zero-knowledge-proof-based Layer 2 scaling platform for Ethereum.

Question: How is revenue distributed on ZKFair?

Answer: Equally among all users of the platform.

Question: What is the unique aspect of ZKFair’s prover architecture?

Answer: It employs a proof of work (PoW) prover network.

Question: What are the core functions of ZKF, ZKFair’s native token?

Answer: Staking and governance.

Question: How was the ZKF token primarily distributed?

Answer: Via airdrops to early contributors and partnering Layer 2 solution users.

Question: What is the primary goal of Port3 Network?

Answer: To aggregate and standardize social data for web3 users.

Question: What is the role of the PORT3 token within the Port3 Network?

Answer: To govern and provide utility in the Port3 ecosystem.

Question: Which of the following is a key feature of Port3’s ecosystem?

Answer: A Robot Matrix for data analysis and automation.

Question: What is SoQuest in the context of Port3 Network?

Answer: An open-source platform for web3 community onboarding and engagement.

Question: How is the total supply of PORT3 tokens distributed?

Answer: 36% for ecosystem, 20% for team, 21% for private sale, 10% for treasury.

Question: On which blockchain platform is Coq Inu based?

Answer: None of the above

Question: What is the primary goal of Coq Inu?

Answer: To offer entertainment to meme coin traders with no expectation of financial return.

Question: What is the total supply of Coq Inu tokens?

Answer: 69.42 trillion

Question: What is Magic Square primarily designed to do?

Answer: To serve as a web3 app store with a customized user dashboard.

Question: How is Magic Square different from many other app stores in terms of fees for app developers?

Answer: It offers a community-based marketing system and has lower fees.

Question: What is the purpose of the Magic ID feature in Magic Square?

Answer: To serve as a user identity system for secure app access.

Question: What is the Magic Square’s native token called?

Answer: Square (SQR)

Question: What is one of the planned features for Magic Square in 2024?

Answer: Generating and promoting its own token for governance and loyalty programs.

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