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How to Fix Can’t Find Games in Steam Summer Sale

Are you unable to find games in Steam Summer Sale?

Many users can’t seem to find the quest games in Clorthax’s clues.

In some cases, the store page won’t even load.

In other cases, the fake game won’t show up in any category.

In this guide, you’ll learn why you can’t find games in Steam Summer Sale and how to fix it.

Why can’t I find games in Steam Summer Sale?

Can't find games in Steam Summer Sale

You can’t find games in Steam Summer Sale because of a bug.

In most cases, the page is getting too much traffic so the fake game wouldn’t load.

At times, the store page wouldn’t load at all.

Even if you’ve managed to find the game, the rewards might not show up.

Here’s one of the reports, “When I try searching for any of these games, it just takes me back to the page with no rewards”.

Another user commented this, “It’s no use if the game you need is nowhere to be found. Sometimes the thumbnails are fine, but the games are not there.”

Steam Summer Sales are usually very popular, so the store page, fake games, or rewards might not be working.

There are a couple of ways to find out if you got the rewards.

Firstly, it has to show the animated icon in the pop-up window after you’ve clicked the correct game.

Secondly, you’ll get a Steam notification that an item has been added to your inventory.

If you didn’t get any of these, you need to try solving the clue again when the servers are less crowded.

Keep in mind that the games will appear in random categories, so make sure to look through each category thoroughly before you say that you can’t find them.

How to fix can’t find games in Steam Summer Sale

If you can’t find games in Steam Summer Sale, you need to restart Steam and try again.

At times, even if you found the game and go back to the Clorthax page, a bug might occur.

When a bug occurs, the mission will not be progressed.

To fix this, you can try refreshing the page, restarting Steam, or trying again after a few hours.

You can also try searching again for the same game.

When you found it, click on the game, wait for a few minutes, and go back to Clorthax.

Due to the surge in traffic, the store page might not load and the rewards might not show up.

If that happens, you need to wait for a few hours (when the servers are less crowded) before you try solving the clue.

How to claim all 10 badges using a script

If you can’t find the quest games or the store page isn’t loading, you can use a script.

The script allows you to get all 10 badges along with the final reward without having to find the games.

Here’s the link to the script: https://github.com/Revadike/Misc-JavaScript-Projects/blob/master/Steam%20Store%20-%20Cheat%20Summar%20Sale%202022%20Badge.js.

To use it, open Steam on your browser > Go find it! > F12 to open the console > copy the script from the link > paste the script > press “Enter”.

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