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How to Fix Capped at 60 FPS in Overwatch 2

Are you capped at 60 FPS in Overwatch 2?

Are you unable to go past 60 FPS even though you set your desired frame rate higher than that?

Overwatch 2 was released on October 4, 2022.

Since its release, the game has had multiple known issues.

Some of the known issues are server disconnection, cosmetics, items, currency not showing up, and others.

In this guide, you’ll learn why you’re stuck or capped at 60 FPS in Overwatch 2 and how to fix it.

Why am I capped at 60 FPS in Overwatch 2?

You’re capped at 60 FPS in Overwatch 2 because you’ve turned on Vsync.

Vsync (vertical sync) will synchronize the frame rate of Overwatch 2 to the refresh rate of your monitor.

This will ensure that the game runs smoothly without any interruptions.

However, if your monitor has a low refresh rate (e.g. 60 Hz), your FPS will remain low with Vsync enabled.

Hence, your FPS will be capped at 60 FPS because your game might lag if it exceeds that.

Vsync is meant to fix screen tearing, but your frame rate may be capped while it’s enabled.

If you want to enable Vsync and have high FPS, you need to upgrade your monitor.

If your monitor is 60 Hz, you should upgrade it to 120 Hz or 144 Hz.

How to fix capped at 60 FPS in Overwatch 2

Capped at 60 FPS in Overwatch 2

To fix capped at 60 FPS in Overwatch 2, you need to turn off Vsync and set a custom frame rate.

Set your desired frame rate to higher than 60 FPS (e.g. 120 FPS) and your maximum frame rate (e.g. 200 FPS).

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Launch Overwatch 2 > Esc > Options > Video.
  2. Turn off Vsync.
  3. Set Frame Rate to Custom.
  4. Set Desired Frame Rate to above 60 FPS (e.g. 100 FPS).
  5. Apply your changes.

A desirable frame rate is 60 FPS, but 120 FPS will make the game even smoother and more responsive.

However, if your monitor or GPU is outdated, your PC may not support a high frame rate.

As a result, screen tearing might happen because either your monitor or GPU is not synchronized with each other.

To prevent this, make sure to set the maximum frame rate (e.g. 200 FPS).

If you’re experiencing screen tearing, lower the maximum frame rate or desirable frame rate until it stops.

Whenever you make any changes, make sure to apply them or they will be lost.

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