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How to Get or Use Casket Sonar and Sonar Circuit in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is an open-world RPG developed by HK KURO GAMES LIMITED.

You play as Rover and are joined by Resonators on an adventure to reclaim your memories.

Meet companies, defeat powerful enemies, gain powers, and unveil hidden truths.

Use grapple and wall dash to traverse the world with little strain for stamina consumed.

Engage in smooth and fast-paced combat with easy controls for dodge, counters, and more.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get or use a Casket Sonar and Sonar Circuit in Wuthering Waves.

How to get or use Casket Sonar in Wuthering Waves

  • Description: The Casket Sonar provides enhanced and advanced capabilities like detecting and pinpointing the location of untouched sonance caskets.
  • How to get: Increase your Pioneer level to level 3 (talk to Maqi, the Pioneer Association Receptionist in Jinzhou to see track your progress).
  • How to use: To use the Casket Sonar, open your utilities, select “Casket Sonar”, equip it in a slot, and press “T” to use it (this will consume 1 Sonar Circuit).

How to get or use Sonar Circuit in Wuthering Waves

  • Description: Used to activate the search and positioning functions of Casket Sonar for Sonance Casket.
  • How to get: You can craft Sonar Circuits in the Synthesizer (in Jinzhou) using 10 Floramber and 10 Scarletthorn (you can find these materials by going to the southeast of Desorock Highland).
  • How to use: Use the Casket Sonar to consume 1 Sonar Circuit.

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