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City Boy City Boy Meme and Meaning

City Boy City Boy is a trending meme on TikTok in 2022.

It was so popular that a TikToker, @jlohrenz made a video saying that his entire “For You” page is filled with the meme.

The video gained over 7.5 million views and more than 1.5 million likes.

The trend mainly showcases videos of men calling out toxic women.

On the contrary, some of the videos are about men cheating on their girlfriends and getting “cheered” for it.

A man like this is referred to as a “player”—a man who makes his girl think that she is the only girl in his life.

However, he flirts with other girls, sends her mixed messages, and occasionally ignores her.

Despite the toxicity—in reality, many girls are attracted to these types of men.

This article contains the City Boy City Boy meme, what it means, and where it comes from.

City Boy City Boy meme

The City Boy City Boy meme is originally meant to call out toxic women.

One of the most popular videos of the meme is a scene from the Dr. Phil show.

The woman from the show said she “didn’t see any women lined up” for the man.

She also said that she would be “at the end of the line”.

The man responded that if she “hit the treadmill a little more”, she’d be at the front.

The “City Boy! City Boy!” clip then plays followed by other short clips.

Since its upload on June 30, the video reached over 3 million views.

Another video shows a man working out while a woman approaches him and asks for his Snapchat.

However, the man rejected her rudely while snickering and the “City Boy! City Boy!” clip plays.

Unfortunately, the video is scripted because you don’t typically see women approaching men in public—it’s usually the other way round.

The meme has evolved from “calling out toxic women” to “showcasing toxic men”.

Some videos are about men cheating on their girlfriends and then the “City Boy! City Boy!” clip plays.

These men are known as “players”—men who usually talk to multiple girls at the same time.

What does City Boy mean?

A City Boy means a male who achieves high goals without letting girls get in his way.

He usually acts the opposite of what women would expect of him.

However, its meaning has changed throughout the years.

In the past, the meaning of “City Boy” is literal—a boy who lives in the city.

In 2022, there are videos of men cheating on their girlfriends while the “City Boy! City Boy!” clip plays.

Apparently, the trend is used to “cheer” these types of men (also known as “players”).

A “Player” is a man who makes a girl think that she’s special, but he talks to multiple girls at the same time.

He plays with girls’ emotions until they fall in love with him, but he leaves them when they do.

That said, many women are attracted to these types of men because they are into “drama” and “toxicity”.

City Boy City Boy origin

The origin of the “City Boy! City Boy!” meme is from season one, episode three of Gravity Falls, “Headhunters”.

Deputy Durland shouts “City Boy! City Boy!” in 7 minutes and 30 seconds into the episode.

The episode is about the kids discovering Stan’s collection of wax sculptures.

Mabel chooses to create her own sculpture but someone sabotages it by destroying its head.

They then called the cops to assist them in finding the culprit.

The cops said that the case is unsolvable but Dipper offered his help.

Sheriff Blubs makes fun of Dipper by calling him a City Boy because he has a “computer phone”.

Immediately after that, Deputy Durland calls Dipper a City Boy.

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