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Common Tate W Meaning

If you’ve been looking at TikTok comments recently, you might have seen a “Common Tate W” comment.

“Common Tate W” comments are everywhere on TikTok.

However, if you don’t know the context behind it, you will be confused.

Every now and then, TikTok has trending comments.

Trending comments are comments that people copy and paste.

Some of them don’t even know the meaning behind it.

In this article, you’ll learn what the Common Tate W comment means on TikTok and where it comes from.

What does Common Tate W mean?

Common Tate W means that Andrew Tate is right about something again.

It means that what he said or did is valid or it’s something that you agree with.

The “W” stands for “Win”, which means that the comment is “Common Tate Win”.

TikTok users typically comment “Common Tate W” under videos about Andrew Tate.

However, the comment has spread to other videos on TikTok due to its popularity.

The usage of the comment doesn’t need to be under a video about Andrew Tate anymore.

Users will comment “Common Tate W” on just about any video that they find valid.

Comments like these snowball very quickly on an app like TikTok.

This is because the videos on your “For You” page mostly have high views.

When a video has a lot of views, more people will comment on it.

Hence, it’s easy to see if there’s a trending or repetitive comment.

This is unlike Instagram where your feed mainly consists of posts by the people that you follow.

Comments on those posts are mainly by the person’s friends or family.

As a result, you’ll see repetitive comments like “Common Tate W” on TikTok frequently.

Another comment that used to be trending on TikTok is “leave @acrello alone” back in 2021.

It’s an inside joke made by the TikToker to get people to follow him.

Where did Common Tate W come from?

Common Tate W

Common Tate W comes from a TikTok comment about Andrew Tate.

However, it’s not known who was the first person who posted the comment.

That said, the comment snowballed very quickly on TikTok and you can see it on almost every video.

For example, if someone agrees with Andrew Tate, they’ll comment, “Common Tate W”.

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxing champion and an internet personality.

He went viral on TikTok due to his views on masculinity, women, and money.

What’s surprising is that Andrew does not have an official TikTok account.

The videos of Andrew are posted by fan pages and not Andrew himself.

Apparently, one of the wealth creation methods in his Hustlers University course is by promoting the course.

Hence, the Andrew Tate fan pages on TikTok are mainly owned by affiliate marketers to promote Hustlers University.

They’ll include an affiliate link in their bio and prompt users to click on it.

If someone subscribes to Hustlers University using the affiliate link, the person will earn a commission.

Offering affiliate programs is not new to the marketing world as thousands of companies do this.

Andrew is successful with his affiliate strategy because he has a myriad of clips on YouTube—doing podcasts, vlogs, and more.

Hence, it’s easy for someone to take a clip of him saying something outrageous and post it on social media.

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