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How to Contact Andrew Tate

Are you looking to contact Andrew Tate, a 4-time kickboxing champion, and internet personality?

Andrew Tate is the most famous and Googled person in 2022.

There are thousands of people and businesses trying to get in touch with him every day.

In a podcast with Adin Ross, Andrew Tate claimed that he receives over 5,000 direct messages on Instagram every minute.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to contact Andrew Tate, his email address, and how to meet him in person.

How to contact Andrew Tate

To contact Andrew Tate, you can send him a message on his website at cobratate.com.

You can also send him a direct message on Twitter.

However, his inbox is flooded, so you probably won’t get a response if you’re not verified on Twitter.

If you’re verified on Twitter, you can get his attention by commenting on his latest tweets and asking him to check his DM.

A famous Twitch streamer, Adin Ross, did this on Instagram and managed to get Andrew Tate’s attention.

Other than direct messaging Andrew, you can join HU or the War Room to get in touch with him.

1. Send a message on his website

Contact Andrew Tate
  1. Go to cobratate.com and scroll down to the footer of the site.
  2. Select “Contact Me”.
  3. Enter your name and email address.
  4. Enter your message.
  5. Send the message.

After you’ve sent the message, you need to wait for a few days for a response.

Andrew has a team that responds to messages and emails.

The form gets thousands of submissions per day, so it might take a long time to get a response.

2. Send him a DM on Twitter

Andrew Tate Twitter
  1. Go to https://twitter.com/Cobratate.
  2. Tap on “Message”.
  3. Send Andrew Tate a message.

According to a podcast with Adin Ross, Andrew claims that he gets 5,000 direct messages per minute.

Hence, if you’re not verified on Instagram, you probably won’t get a reply.

That said, sending a DM to him is still worth a shot.

If you’re famous or verified on Instagram, you can comment on one of his posts and ask him to check his DMs.

Adin Ross did this and managed to get Andrew’s attention after his comment got to the top.

3. Send him an email

On January 2023 when Andrew Tate was detained in Romania, he disclosed his email address.

The tweet got over 60k likes and was viewed more than 4.5 million times.

His email address is freetopg@cobratate.com.

You can send him an email to that email address to contact him.

4. Send a DM to Tate’s personal assistant

  1. Go to https://www.instagram.com/georgiana_nagell/.
  2. Tap on “Message”.
  3. Send Georgiana a message.

Georgiana Nagell is Andrew and Tristan Tate’s personal assistant.

She is an event organizer for the Tate brothers and appears in various Tate Confidential vlogs.

Her official Instagram handle is @georgiana_nagell (she was tagged multiple times on Tristan’s Instagram @talismantate).

5. Join HU or the War Room

Andrew Tate The War Room

In the same Adin Ross podcast, Andrew mentioned that the best way to get in touch with him is to join Hustler’s University or the War Room.

You can find and join both of these communities on cobratate.com.

Hustler’s University is a school that teaches people how to make money.

It costs $49 per month to join and you can interact with Andrew if you’re in it.

On the other hand, the War Room is a global network that has influence in over 70 countries.

Joining the War Room is the best way to get in touch with Andrew because it costs $5,000 to join.

They operate in a Telegram channel and you can message Andrew there.

Andrew Tate’s email address

Andrew Tate’s email address is freetopg@cobratate.com.

His old email addresses are cobratatenews@gmail.com and emoryatate@gmail.com.

He disclosed his old email addresses publicly on his Instagram account in 2020 and on his business card.

Here’s the caption of his post, “I’ve spent £535,000 pounds in 23 hours. Want to make money online? Email me and say ONLINE MONEY”.

If you bought a digital product on his website and you have questions, you can message @warroomsupport on telegram.

How do I meet Andrew Tate in person?

You can meet Andrew Tate in person by joining the War Room.

The War Room costs $5,000 to join on https://www.cobratate.com/war-room.

It is a global network with members, bases, and influence in more than 70 countries.

Every member is either working towards or achieving the ultimate goal of freedom.

By joining the War Room, you can attend in-person events hosted by Andrew and his brother.

In 2022, Andrew hosted an event for War Room members in Arizona where a group of men gathered for target practice in the desert.

He also hosted a War Room summit in Dubai, “The Upper Echelon The Penetrating Elite Summit starts tomorrow here in the City of Money, Dubai”.

“The hub for every person of ruthless power who desires to buy global influence. It is the ultimate testing grounds”.

“THE WAR ROOM members will be taught and tested on every fundamental of THE WAR ROOM”.

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