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Is the Partnership Between Elemon and Corsair Legit?

Corsair is a manufacturer of high-performance gear and technology for gamers.

They deliver PC components, peripherals, streaming equipment, and more.

On the other hand, Elemon is an NFT role-playing game.

The game is fairly new, has a great storyline, and includes thousands of NFT characters.

But the question is—are Elemon and Corsair related?

Many users have contacted Corsair support regarding their partnership and whether it’s fake.

However, Corsair US stated that they cannot comment on it.

In this quick article, you’ll learn if the partnership between Elemon and Corsair is legit (based on research across the web).

Is the Partnership Between Elemon and Corsair Legit?

Corsair Elemon partnership

Yes, the partnership between Elemon and Corsair is legit.

Corsair announced the partnership on their local Facebook pages including Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

You can find the Vietnam announcement here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=861124781243074.

Here’s the link to all of the announcements: https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=162567882751954&_rdr.

According to Elemon, the partnership between them and Corsair is a huge step in the NFT gaming space.

They mentioned that Corsair will be their strategic investor and marketing partner.

They will also collaborate with Elemon throughout the product development process.

Here’s an English translation of the full announcement:

“The time has come! Corsair announced joining the project to deliver an exciting and rewarding NFT game! May we present to you—Elemon. Website: https://elemon.io/“.

Followed by, “No words can describe our feelings right now, so we would like to modify the legendary quote from the famous astronaut, Neil Armstrong to firmly initiate a brand-new chapter in the upcoming journey, “That’s one small step for Elemon & Corsair, one giant leap for the NFT gaming industry”.

The announcement ends off with, “Chapter 1 has just begun. For more information about our in-depth strategic collaboration, please read https://reurl.cc/2oK1M6.

There are over 1.9k likes and 300 comments on the post.

The comments are mostly in Vietnamese congratulating their partnership.

What does the Corsair x Elemon partnership hold?

Corsair Vietnam Office
Source: Corsair’s Vietnam office via the Elemon Community Facebook page.

Having Corsair as a partner grants Elemon to customers of the gaming market.

Corsair will help Elemon to expand its image to the world.

Additionally, their partnership will help the Elemon team to build the highest-quality NFT game.

On the other hand, Elemon serves as a pathway for Corsair to enter the cryptocurrency and NFT market.

According to Elemon, their team is working hard to create the highest-quality NFT game and the strongest community.

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