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Instagram Couldn’t Create Thread (How to Fix)

Are you getting a “Couldn’t create thread. We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again.” error message when you try to send a direct message to someone?

It’s extremely frustrating to receive this error message because you’re unable to send any direct messages. Especially if it’s something urgent.

Many Instagram users are facing this issue or have faced it before.

So don’t worry, you’re not the only one being affected by this error.

This article will tell you why you got the “Couldn’t create thread” error, how you can fix it, and how you can prevent it from ever happening in the future.

And just a heads up—the error has been a global issue a few times before, so it’s not common that Instagram is currently down.

Update: On 16 July, 22 Oct, 23 Oct 2020, and 7 Jan 2020, the vast majority of Instagram users were facing the “Couldn’t create thread” error. Direct messages were down on those days.

You can search for the hashtag #instagramdown on Twitter and see whether other users are facing the same issue.

If they are, then the error is not caused by your end, but Instagram’s.

Without further ado, let’s get into why you got the error, how to fix and prevent it.

Why does Instagram say “Couldn’t create thread” error?

If you’ve received the “Couldn’t create thread” error from Instagram, you’ve sent too many direct messages at one go.

If you’ve sent way too many consecutive direct messages to others, Instagram will temporarily block you from direct messaging.

This is because Instagram will either think that you’re a bot sending automated direct messages or you’re abusing the direct message feature.

Otherwise, you might be receiving the error because Instagram direct messages are down.

You can check Instagram’s status from the Down Detector website.

If you see a spike in reports, there’s a high chance that Instagram is down.

Either way, you’re going to get temporarily blocked from sending direct messages on Instagram.

The block is a “cooldown” that might last for several hours, 24 hours, or more depending on several factors.

How do I fix the “Couldn’t create thread” error?

The solution I’m going to be sharing next might frustrate some of you.

But it’s the only way you can do to fix the error.

To fix the “Couldn’t create thread” error on Instagram, you’ll have to wait it out.

Elaborating on the previous section—the block may last for up to 24 hours, or more.

This is Instagram’s way of “punishing” users who abuse the direct message feature.

Unfortunately, if you think that you’ve received the error by mistake, you’ll have to wait for the “cooldown” to end as well.

But don’t worry—the block does not last forever! The error will eventually be resolved by time.

So don’t panic. You can try using another Instagram account (if you have one) to direct message others.

This is why creating an alternate Instagram account is important.

Because if you happen to get action blocked in one account, you could use the other.

How do I prevent the “Couldn’t create thread” error?

There are three ways you can do to prevent the “Couldn’t create thread” error from ever happening again.

To prevent the error, you need to stop direct messaging others repetitively, stop using automation, and try sending different variations of direct messages instead of copy-pasting.

In addition, when you’re sending direct messages in the future, make sure to send them in intervals to mitigate the error from happening.

Here are the 3 prevention methods in detail.

1. Stop direct messaging others repetitively.

To prevent the “Couldn’t create thread” error, you must stop direct messaging others repetitively.

This is the root cause of the error.

Once you stop direct messaging others repetitively, the chances of you getting the “Couldn’t create thread” error on Instagram will be extremely low.

Instead, direct message others in intervals of 10 minutes.

Instagram constantly “punishes” bot activity and spam, so in order for you to prevent the action block from happening, you have to act like a human being whilst using the app.

This will prevent your account from being action blocked in the future.

2. Stop using automation.

Instead of using bots or automation to send direct messages; send them manually.

Automation enables you to direct message others at a faster rate, so Instagram will block you for that.

Once you stop using automation, your account will be action blocked less frequently.

So stop using automation entirely if you want to prevent the error from happening.

3. Send different variations of a direct message instead of similar ones.

Stop copying and pasting the same direct message over and over again to different users.

Instagram will think that you’re a bot and temporarily disable you from direct messaging.

Instead of sending similar direct messages, send different variations of a message.

For example, you might want to copy and paste this direct message and send it out to a bunch of users:

“Hi, I’m from Followchain!”.

Instead of having this one message, create 2 other ones you can copy and paste.

“Hey, I’m from Followchain!”.

“Hello, I’m from Followchain!”.

Creating more than one variation of a direct message will greatly mitigate your account from being action blocked and prevent the “Couldn’t create thread” error from ever happening in the future.


If you ever get the “Couldn’t create thread” error on Instagram, stop trying to direct message others and wait for 24 hours (or more) for it to be lifted.

In the event that Instagram is down, there isn’t much you can do until Instagram fixes it on their end.

Stop trying other methods or solutions to fix the error or it might get even worse.

Be patient and wait for the direct message “cooldown” to end.

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