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CVEX Quiz Answers

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This article contains the CVEX quiz answers to get get 1 OAT and 10 points in Galxe (challenge your skills).

CVEX Quiz Answers

Question: What is the primary currency used as collateral on the Crypto Valley Exchange (CVEX)?

Answer: US Dollar Coin (USDC).

Question: Which aspect of the CVEX Protocol is responsible for managing Collateral Pools, Operational Funds, and Default Funds?

Answer: CVEX Protocol.

Question: What type of market participants can benefit from CVEX’s capital-efficient environment?

Answer: A wide spectrum, from retail investors to institutional players.

Question: According to the articles, what does CVEX aim to address in the current cryptocurrency market?

Answer: Gaps in financial instruments and market practices.

Question: What is the main objective of the market maker scheme on the CVEX platform?

Answer: To ensure consistent liquidity and price stability.

Question: How are Designated Market Makers (DMMs) selected on the CVEX platform?

Answer: Based on financial robustness, trading expertise, and technological capabilities.

Question: What programming language was used to develop the CVEX Protocol’s smart contract on the Arbitrum chain?

Answer: Rust.

Question: What is the CVEX Protocol’s approach to decentralization in governance?

Answer: Governance shifts to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) over time.

Question: What type of contracts on the CVEX Protocol allows indefinite holding of positions without expiration dates?

Answer: Perpetual Contracts.

Question: Which Time-in-Force (TIF) setting ensures that an order stays active until it is completely filled or manually cancelled?

Answer: Good ’til Cancel (GTC).

Question: What is the primary purpose of the Reduce Only mode in CVEX orders?

Answer: It ensures that an order only reduces a trader’s position, not increasing it.

Question: What are the two primary functions of the CVEX Token in the CVEX Protocol?

Answer: Governance and staking.

Question: What is the purpose of the Reserve in the CVEX Token Sale?

Answer: For liquidity incentives, market maker incentives, affiliate rewards, and future development.

Question: How does the CVEX Referral Program benefit referees?

Answer: Referees receive a 10% discount on transaction fees for a limited time.

Question: how the CVEX Protocol employs the Value-at-Risk (VaR) model.

Answer: By calculating potential losses within a specified confidence level.

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