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Escape the Backrooms Guide Walkthrough

In Escape the Backrooms, you can explore multiple backroom levels based on the lore.

Each level has different ways to escape and dangerous entities along the way.

The game has realistic graphics, a creepy ambiance, and minimal user interfaces.

You can explore the backrooms with a team of up to 4 players but may no-clip into other areas of the map.

There are over 15 unique levels with consistent content updates.

Use the proximity voice chat to talk with your teammates but entities can also hear you.

There are 10 dangerous entities in the game with their own mechanics.

This article contains the full Escape the Backrooms guide walkthrough for all levels (levels 1-17).

Level 0: Backrooms

In Level 0 Part 1:

You will start by spawning an empty, yellow building at a random location, but you will always be at the front of the map. The key to exit will be on the far right side before you spawn randomly. If you have random spawning, you can either explore and search for the ladder or look for a dimly lit area. If you find the dim area, go to the back right side of the map and gather the ladder pieces to construct the ladder, and grab the key. Exit through the right hallway while facing away from the ladder and walk along the right wall until you find a red door off the wall. You can attempt to cross the Pitfalls, but falling in will take you to Part 2 of the Backrooms. The Bacteria may appear after some time, which can be signaled by a knock.

Level 0 Part 2:

Avoiding the Bacteria can be tricky, but you have unlimited stamina while running from the monster, and you won’t lose it if you continue running after the monster is gone. Look for a door that resembles an empty living room with a kitchen and head upstairs.

Level 1: Habitable Zone (Skin-Stealers)

Level 1 Part 1:

You will begin by spawning in an empty garage, which is a secure location. Proceed to the far right through a red door with a window. Count the colors of the cars and remember their order from top to bottom and left to right. For instance, if the cars are blue and green on the left and yellow and green on the right, the code is blue-green-yellow-green. Go to the elevator near the spawn and enter the code to access the next level. Remember to get almond water and a flashlight.

Level 1 Part 2:

You will encounter entities, and the number of entities will increase with the number of players. These entities will be on the far left. Upon exiting the elevator, proceed straight to the first door and search for keys. There are four keys in total, located randomly. Sometimes, more than one or even three keys may be in a single room. After leaving the room, go straight, and if you see a fellow hazmat running towards you, run away immediately. That’s a Skin-Stealer. None of the entities in the game can open doors, so keep them all open and close them when entering a room. There are six doors, excluding the entrance and exit, but not all of them have keys. Keys do not take up inventory space. Once you collect all the keys, go to the middle room of the garage and place them in the key slots. All keys must be turned simultaneously (within 3-5 seconds of turning the first key) to open the door.

Level 1 Part 3:

It will be dark, and your flashlight will be of little use since Skin-Stealers cannot be seen with it. Crouching is recommended but slow unless near a door. You will start on the top floor of the garage, which has three levels. Two doors can be found on the right and left sides (spawn side) of the top floor. If they are empty, go down a level. Head to the same side as the spawn, where you will find three doors. If they are empty, go down another level. There are three doors on the final level, and if they are empty, go back up. One of the doors will conceal an elevator.

Level 2: The Hub

As you start the level, you will see a big garage door that is not operable yet, so head toward the other door. Once you pass through that door, you’ll find yourself in a tunnel with several doors. But you can only open the one that is standing alone. Compare the code that appears on the screen with the available codes and enter the correct one. On the right-hand side, you’ll find a green panel to turn on the lights. Check a notepad in front of the windows next to the elevator, which contains the code for the computers. Type in the code on the computer and select the file that says “Gate.” Then press the “run” and “okay” buttons. To leave, go back to the hub door where you entered from (which will have “1” written on it).

Level 3: Habitable Zone (Smilers)

To proceed, you need to operate the lever next to the garage door to open it. Enter the garage but make sure not to go beyond the end of the ramp. When the lights turn off, you must stay still, and when they come back on, quickly run to the right side, towards a well-lit hallway. However, if the lights flicker after turning back on, you should not run. If it’s a regular light flicker, you’ll have 10 seconds to run. You have limited stamina, as there is no active entity chasing you. You must also be aware of the Smilers, who only appears when the lights go off. Make sure to check each door for each hallway, and run to the next one during a normal light flicker while staying close to the wall to minimize the running distance. Look for a door that leads to another hallway with pipes, and walk through it.

Level 4: Pipe Dreams

When you reach a sign that says “Station <–” and “Fun –>”, go towards the station. If you don’t have a flashlight, you can find one on the left corner of the wall before entering the dark hallway. As soon as you enter the hallway, you will hear a sound signaling that a Smiler is chasing you. Do not turn around and keep running until you see a doorway on the left side. Continue running until you go through the door, not the entrance of the hallway.

Level 5: Electrical Station

Level 5 Part 1:
You will be safe on this level. Walk to the end of the hallway, and the door will open automatically. Look for boxes with red lights on top and fix them so that the lights turn green. There are around 3 or 4 boxes. You will hear a gate open when you fix the last one. Find the gate, go through it, and then go through the door. There may or may not be a box to fix in that room. If you do hear or see the entity (Hound) in the next hallway, do not run right away. Wait until it gets closer, and then run back through the door. Be sure to close the door. You can use your flashlight to temporarily blind the Hound, but it’s possible to avoid it without one. The Hound will disappear once it leaves. Keep going down the hallway and through the door on the left. Go through the hole in the wall, and keep fixing boxes. The Hound will be waiting in the last room on the left, and it won’t disappear after it leaves you. Do your best to fix the boxes.

Level 5 Part 2:
When you find the boxes, go back to the gate you entered from and look for a flashlight. You will always find at least one on the level. Turn the corner carefully and shine your light on the Hound. If it chases you, run back through the gate and wait for it to disappear. Return to the room and open the door. This part is difficult, and you will need to rely on your skills and luck. You must avoid the Hounds and find three more boxes to fix. There are two doors in the first room and the second room. In the first room, going straight will lead you to a hallway, and going left will lead you to a room. The second room has the entrance door on the left front and the room door on the left back (entrance door). Keep in mind that the boxes spawn randomly. In the last room, the Hound will appear first, so close the door and wait for it to disappear. Continue through and crouch through the left hole to find the gate that requires the boxes to open. Remember that you can blind the Hounds. Once you open the gate, go back to the gate from when you first spawned on level 5. When the door opens by itself, go through the previously closed gate and move on to level 6. If you die, your progress will be saved, and you won’t have to fix the boxes again.

Level 6: Abandoned Offices

You will start in a vacant office building, and there are no known entities around, but if you explore, you might discover a door leading back to The Hub. There, you will come across a file that advises you to steer clear of the unblacked-out windows, as they might be dangerous. Your initial challenge will be to count the number of objects in a room and input that figure into the corresponding vending machines. Next, you will find a button that resets cameras, so you must avoid being detected by them. If you get spotted, you will have to reset the cameras and verify in the security room if you were detected or not. Once you successfully evade all the cameras, you will be allowed to enter the next level.

Level 7: Terror Hotel

Level 7 Part 1:
Once you spawn in the hotel lobby, you will need to solve a puzzle by clicking the buttons of the youngest to the oldest picture in order to open the door. Then, take the bug spray with you. Your next task is to search for moth swarms and place the moth jelly into the lift to get 3 keys (3 moth jellies). This level is free of any dangerous creatures.

Level 7 Part 2:
Be cautious of two entities in this level, Hound and Shapeshifter. They move around the entire map, including the entrance. To progress, you must search for letters in the rooms with open mailboxes and place them in the correct boxes to obtain the code for the white door on the right. Your sanity will decrease quickly, but you can mitigate this by drinking almond water which can be found throughout the level. To avoid being detected by the entities, keep all doors open and hide in closets. However, you can skip the letter collection by entering one of these 3 randomized codes: 05938, 17564, or 89472.

Level 8: Boiler Room

When you spawn on this level, you will see a table in front of you with a thermometer on it, which is not a crucial tool as the danger can be detected visually. The moths are the entities you need to watch out for, and if you get close to them, your screen will heat up. To avoid them, you can crouch. The challenge on this level is to find the real exit door as there are fake ones indicated by the heat signatures.

Level 9: Pipe Dreams 2

You will go through the pipe tunnel again, this time, choose “Fun –>”. It has the same layout as “Station <–“.

Level 10: Party Room

Note: Be cautious of Liquid Pain, a legendary item that can spawn, as consuming it will result in death. Upon spawning, make your way down the hallway and crouch under the first table. Then, quickly run to the second table and crouch again. Turn around and move forward slightly to attract the attention of a Party Goer, and then retreat back under the table to reset them. Crouch through the room to reach the other side, making sure to avoid getting too close to the Party Goers.

If you are familiar with the game, follow the standard path until you reach the Big Room, which contains seven Party Goers. If you are new to the game, crouch along the entire length of the wall, without turning the first corner. The hallway you need to enter is on the left side, but avoid crouching on the left wall. Repeat this process for two more rooms until you reach the Big Room.

In the Big Room, run straight along the left wall and enter the hallway on the left to hide under a table. Wait for the Party Goers to reset before exiting the hallway and continuing to run on the left side of the room. Enter the left hallway and hide under the table to reset the Party Goers. Crouch along the right side of the wall as before, until you reach a room full of balloons. Proceed through the doors and you will see a tiled wall.

Level 11: Pool Rooms

One of the most aesthetically pleasing areas in the game is The Pool Rooms, as it doesn’t have any creatures. It’s suggested that you locate the exit by yourself, following the monotonous music played in Level 10. If you prefer, you can go straight ahead from the starting point and climb the long staircase to reach a Hub Door. It’s important to avoid entering Off Limit Zones that are marked by black water or tiles.

Level 12: Run For Your Life

The objective is to flee rapidly while keeping track of your turns by remembering “right, left.” It’s important to be cautious of a door that unexpectedly opens and is impassable, but you can maneuver around it by going far to the right.

Level 13: The End

There is an entity present, but it lacks the ability to perceive you. You have the ability to approach it, but if it makes physical contact with you, it will result in your demise. Your objective is to gather 24 tapes, but only after activating the computer. As you progress, your sanity will gradually deteriorate as the lights fade out. In case of an emergency, you can use 2 fire alarms to divert the object’s attention, but they won’t be effective if the entity is already pursuing you.

Level 14: Infinite Stairs

When you start the level, you will appear in a structure that resembles a tower or lighthouse. You have the option to climb up the stairs, potentially without limit. However, to progress to the following level, you must jump down the center after reaching at least the 94th level (which is not actually very high).

Level 15: Hill Houses

You will begin the level on the outskirts of a town that contains yellow houses situated on hills. Your objective is to follow the road or cut through the grass to reach a floating castle, where you will find a rope that you can climb up. It is relatively safe to travel during the day, but time passes quickly. You should be able to advance to approximately 4-5 houses before it gets dark. Once it’s dark, you will face danger in the form of monsters with red eyes that will pursue you. Your sanity will decrease rapidly as you attempt to collect the scarce almond water, which is found in some of the houses in dressers, but not always. Almond water is crucial to your success, and you will also find it frequently near trucks. There are music speakers in the area that will cease to play as night approaches, but they are not audible from all houses. If you hear a knock, it is advisable to hide, although there may not be enough time to do so. If you are in a house and hear a knock, the door will be forced open, and you will be attacked by “people.” If you perish, your progress will be saved at a forked road.

Level 16: Synth Wave (Clown)

Level 16 Part 1:
At this level, you will encounter small boxes that are patterned with a checkered design and a symbol on top. Your objective is to move these boxes by pushing them onto a circle on the floor that corresponds to the boxes’ pattern.

Level 16 Part 2:
If you do not have a flashlight, you can find one on the table behind the clown. To retrieve it, you must face the clown and walk backward to the table. Once you have obtained the flashlight, turn around and allow the clown to vanish (although it is advisable to find a safe spot first). The clown will come after you with a mallet, but shining the flashlight on him will cause him to disappear. There are subtle audio cues that signal the clown’s appearance. You must survive until you hear a honking sound, which will come from the roller coaster. Board the coaster to exit the level.

Level 16: Lights Out

When you begin this level, you will find yourself in a dark and abandoned building. The first two rooms on either side contain a variety of supplies, so be sure to use your flashlight to navigate your way through. Your goal is to locate a room with a blinking light, which you can find by moving forward without encountering any dead ends. Once you arrive in the blinking room, you will find a LiDAR Scanner, which will cause glowing dots of different colors to appear on the walls when you use it. I suggest walking until you detect a red dot on the scanner, which indicates the presence of an entity known as a Wretch. The Wretch is sensitive to the scanner’s sound, but if you move around it carefully and crouch away, it might leave you alone so you can continue your search for the exit without fear. Unfortunately, I do not have the map of the building in my memory, but you can usually find the right hallway by following the larger hallways. With some luck, you can navigate through an easy, mostly straight path to the exit, which will be a hallway with a light at the end and a white door.

Level 17: Thalassophobia

When you begin this level, you will appear on a landing of a staircase inside a house. If you climb up the stairs, you will arrive at a Hub Door. However, if you go down the stairs, you will find yourself facing an endless ocean with a boat in sight. Congratulations! You have successfully completed the game.


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