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The 150 Fastest Rappers in the World

This list has been put together by NahDah Vebb.

He started creating the list in February 2020, with the goal of putting together the most revised and calculated fastest rappers list.

Fast rap has been part of the creator’s life for the last 7 years.

The rules include the exception of acapella or songs dedicated to one-speed bursts.

It also includes clarity—where some rappers didn’t make the final cut.

Calculations were done using Waveform Analysis to identify the highest speed in a verse and divide the syllable count by the length of the burst.

NahDah Vebb suggested that the method is one of the most interesting and engaging ways of calculation.

This list contains the top 150 fastest rappers in the world/of all time including Eminem, Token, Logic, and more.

Fastest rappers in the world

RankNameLanguageSyllables per secondSong
1Rebel XDEnglish20.48World Record with Johnny B
3SabotaheFilipino19.53Paslangin V
4InterchopperEnglish19.19Undaground Choppers 5
5kVREnglish19.01Illest Choppers 2
6Mizury MizeEnglish18.68Undaground Choppers 6
7CrucifiedEnglish18.66Undaground Choppers 4
9MGK of ARMR4Filipino17.19Paslangin IV
11DNA Tru LyricistEnglish16.26Lightspeed Chopper 3
12Ruffian RuggedEnglish16.20Undaground Choppers 10
13OutsiderKorean16.15World Record Attempt
14Twisted InsaneEnglish15.50Dome Split
15K-FixEnglish15.44Our Time
16IdylllEnglish15.41Illest Choppers 6
17SPLXTEnglish15.39Undaground Choppers 3
18WatskyEnglish15.38GOAT Fast Rap
19KardiyakTurkish15.22Illest Choppers 4
20RoyletsSpanish15.09Roylets vs Zomber
21VortexArabic15Body You
22Lucky NineFilipino15Korona
23KaozEnglish14.97Undaground Choppers 7
24The JackalEnglish14.85Charlie Sheen Remix
25King ISOEnglish14.73Thanos
26HurracaneEnglish14.67Angels and Demons
27The JokerrEnglish14.63I Don’t Fit In
28Bloody RuckusEnglish14.60Undaground Choppers 2
29Connor JonesEnglish14.53 Optus Ad 1
30CoutzEnglish14.49Weapons of Mast Destruction
31LyrahFilipino14.45Hindi Ka Ganito
32NoneLikeJoshuaEnglish14.44Crazy 210BPM Attempt
34D-Loc The Gill GodEnglish14.36Never Stop Hustlin’
35DJ TubetFriulan14.36Na’Babas Freestyle
36AktibarFilipino14.35Paslangin IV
37Seckond ChaynceEnglish14.23Twizted Mizfitz
38KillhollowEnglish14.22Illest Choppers 2
39Alep HunterMalay14.21Showdown: Fastest Rapper Finale
40ApprenticeFilipino14.19Paslangin IV
41Mac LethalEnglish14.16Occupy Wall Street Satire
42DragNRussian14.12Жребий брошен
43A-F-R-OEnglish14.10Hold Up
44El ChojinSpanish14.08World Record
45J-BattleEnglish14.08Higher Level
46pooG Da DevilEnglish14.07Illest Choppers 3
48Papa SanEnglish14.01Step Up
49BLAKESpanish14En Forma II
50SenseiItalian 14Mi Presento
51SerpienteFilipino14LPC Hustla Allstar
52RenizanceEnglish13.99Texas Choppers
53Pr3acherEnglish13.91Chop Em Down
56IkonikGerman13.87Undaground Choppers 8
57AranginoItalian13.78Godzilla Remix
58Big LoonyEnglish13.71The Dark Prophet
59R-SykeFinnish13.69Worlds Apart
60Nima NimoshGerman13.68Hannibal
61TonedeffEnglish13.56Crispy 192
62kDTheStrangerRussian13.52Heavy Artillery
63Eminem English13.51Godzilla
65IAMCHRISCRAIGEnglish13.51Necromatic Cypher
66SKY-HIJapanese13.48Turn Up
67TwistaEnglish13.47Come Again
68Tech N9neEnglish13.47Welcome to the Midwest
69PharaohEnglish13.46Killa Nigga
70R.A. The Rugged ManEnglish13.44Gotta Be Dope
71AnkeTurkish13.43Bomba Flex
72Skuba LibreItalian13.40In Colpa
73TrustEnglish13.39Illest Choppers 4
74LogicEnglish13.35100 Miles and Running
76RhythmaticEnglish13.22Nightmare Remix
77M.R. HydeItalian13.22Worldwide Choppers Remix
78Doctor ZumbaPortuguese13.21PTSD
80Bullet FloNepali13.18Flow Fiesta
81Indo GEnglish13.17Body Parts 2
82MC ArdillaSpanish13.17Asi Se Vive En Mi Barrio
85Sun DiegoGerman13.14Worldwide Chopper
86Eric C Tha Tempa TantrumEnglish13.14Mobsterz
87GAWNEEnglish13.13YouTube Cypher Vol. 2
88Pollob VaiBengali13.10Speedster
90MC IguPortuguese13.08Sherlock
91James DaleyEnglish13.08How They Want
92CEKTABulgarian13.07ЛЕШ 2
93Playboy The BeastEnglish13.056 Beats Back To Back
94SahruzAzerbaijani13.05International Choppers
95LucidEnglish13.05Godzilla Remix
96ElighEnglish13.03Worldwide Choppers Remix
97Kung Fu VampireEnglish13.03Turnt Up
98EndinosGreek13.01Practice II
100Lil DeathFilipino13Martsa Ng Kamatayan Part 2
103Bizzy BoneEnglish13Uptown Downtown
104Emareff ADNepali13Flow Fiesta
105RimaruRomanian13O Copie
106Slikk Get EmEnglish13Is You Down
107BoneZEnglish13Undaground Choppers 7
109King BlitzEnglish12.98Worldwide Cypher Takeover
110CryptEnglish12.97Bad Habit
111Gwangil JoKorean12.93Acrobat
112Twistid RobEnglish12.86Undaground Choppers 2
113MC SilkPolish12.82Rap Nobody
114K.FlayEnglish12.82Speed It Up
115Joyner LucasEnglish12.75Sriracha
116DalimaEnglish12.74Full Speed Ahead
117Reckless AnxietyEnglish12.74I’m Ready
118Jolo ReevesEnglish12.7480 Syllables In 6 Seconds
119DaxEnglish12.73YouTube Cypher Vol. 3
120LyteEnglish12.72Shut Em Down
121MC RiceFrench12.70Illest Choppers 2
122Snake LucciEnglish12.69Acid Spit
124Poetic MindEnglish12.65United Choppers 3
125HomeryoFilipino12.64AllStar 2013
126Dom1noRussian12.63Flow Fire
127Psycho PatGerman12.62808 Possesong #1
130BoyinabandEnglish12.59Fast Rap Battle
133Punch ArogunzGerman12.514tel Finale
134Dan BullEnglish12.51Dragonborn
135Mozard MZPortuguese12.50Caverna Cypher 2
136Busta RhymesEnglish12.48Hello
137MerkulesEnglish12.47YouTuber Cypher Vol. 3
138Daveed DiggsEnglish12.46Killer
139DrimerItalian12.45Real Talk
140OliFrench12.45Du Disque Dur Au Disque D’or
141Bishop SliceEnglish12.44Let There Be Choppin
143MattakItalian12.42Join The Crew 2014
144Swisher SleepEnglish12.41What More Do They Want
145Luca JItalian12.41Senza Cuore
146SkettiEnglish12.39Speed Demons 3
149RedhoIndonesian12.35Mana Janjimu
150Emiway BantaiHindi/English12.33Freeverse Feast


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