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How to Fix Fatal Error in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is an open-world RPG developed by HK KURO GAMES LIMITED.

You play as Rover and are joined by Resonators on an adventure to reclaim your memories.

Meet companies, defeat powerful enemies, gain powers, and unveil hidden truths.

Use grapple and wall dash to traverse the world with little strain for stamina consumed.

Engage in smooth and fast-paced combat with easy controls for dodge, counters, and more.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix Fatal Error in Wuthering Waves on PC (File Unknown Line: 1319 GameThread timed out waiting for RenderThread).

Fix 1: Run Wuthering Waves as an administrator

  1. Navigate to the Wuthering Waves folder (e.g. C:\Wuthering Waves > Wuthering Waves app).
  2. Right-click the “Wuthering Waves” app and select “Properties”.
  3. Select “Compatibility and tick “Run this program as an administrator”.
  4. Select “Apply” followed by “OK”.

Fix 2: Repair Wuthering Waves

  1. Open the Wuthering Waves launcher.
  2. Select the repair icon at the top.
  3. Select “Confirm” and wait for the repair to complete.

Fix 3: Update your graphics card

Fix 4: Disable full screen optimizations

  1. Navigate to the Wuthering Waves folder (e.g. C:\Wuthering Waves > Wuthering Waves app).
  2. Right-click the “Wuthering Waves” app and select “Properties”.
  3. Select “Compatibility and tick “Disable full screen optimizations”.
  4. Select “Apply” followed by “OK”.

Fix 5: Add the game to Steam and enable dx11 or dx12

  1. Open Steam and select “Library”.
  2. Select “Add a Game” on the bottom left.
  3. Select “Add a Non-Steam Game”.
  4. Add Wuthering Waves, the Wuthering Waves launcher, and Client-Win64-Shipping.exe (e.g. from C:\Wuthering Waves).
  5. Right-click “Wuthering Waves” in your Steam library and select “Properties”.
  6. Add “-dx11” (without quotations) into the Launch Options and close the tab.
  7. Launch Wuthering Waves from your Steam library.

Note: If you’re still getting an error message when you launch the game, remove “-dx11” from the launch options and add “-dx12” instead.

Fix 6: Disable Control Flow Guard

  1. Search for “Windows Security” using Windows Search and open it.
  2. Select “App and browser control”.
  3. Select “Exploit protection settings”.
  4. Locate “Control flow guard (CGF)”.
  5. Change the CGF option to “Off by default”.

Fix 7: Download the latest Microsoft Visual C++

  1. Go to https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist.
  2. Scroll down to “Latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Version”.
  3. Download the X64 version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Version.
  4. Run the application to download the latest version of C++.

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