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Finn Combos in MultiVersus

Finn is one of the best characters in MultiVersus.

He has a lot of great moves at his disposal.

This includes the up special, neutral special, and the down ground attack.

Finn has a lot of combo starters like his up-ground attack that sends him flying in the air.

You can also jump on top of someone and use the down air attack to start a combo.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best Finn combos in MultiVersus, moves with inputs, and a legend for them.

Input guide for Finn

Input legend

  • DC: Dodge Cancel
  • N: Neutral
  • D: Down
  • S: Side
  • U: Up
  • Ground: Normal attack
  • Special: Special Attack

Finn Combos in MultiVersus

Finn Combos MultiVersus

Finn combos in MultiVersus

  • Up Ground, Up Special
  • Side Ground, Side Ground, Up Ground
  • Down Air, Up Ground, Repeat
  • Down Air, Up Ground, Side Air
  • Down Air, Up Ground, Up Special
  • Down Air, Up Ground, Up Special, Up Special
  • Down Air, Up Ground, Up Special, Side Special
  • Up Ground, Neutral Air, Up Special

As Finn, you need to focus on getting neutral.

This means staying at the center of the map and keeping your opponents at the side of it.

Finn is an assassin class which means that he takes 15% more damage.

However, he’s very fast and he does a lot of damage.

Finn moves in MultiVersus

Finn Moves MultiVersus

Finn basic attacks

  • Chop!/Slam-Bam-In-A-Can! – Neutral + Attack
  • The Sword Stuff!/Flying Sword Moves! – Side + Attack
  • Slasher/Sky Punch! – Up + Attack
  • Power Stomp/Ground Chop! – Down + Attack

Finn special attacks

  • High Five, Dude! – Neutral + Special
  • Get Skronked! – Side + Special
  • Backpack Attack! – Up + Special
  • Sweet Deals! – Down + Special

Passive abilities

  • Finn uses COIN to boost his special attacks. When Finn hits enemies, the enemies drop COIN. Finn and his allies can pick up the COIN and increase Finn’s COIN count.
  • Finn can move while CHARGING attacks on the ground, but his attacks only gain power if he moves. His Grounded Neutral Special attack CHARGES whenever he moves, even if he is not attacking.

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