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45+ Free PlayStation Gift Cards

A PlayStation gift card contains money that can be added to your PlayStation account.

You can use the money to buy games, ad-ons, PlayStation Plus, and more on your account.

To purchase a gift card, you need to visit one of PlayStation’s retailers.

You can get one for yourself, a friend, or a family member, and customize its value, appearance, and message.

After which, a code will be emailed to the receiver to redeem from the digital store.

This list contains free PlayStation gift cards for PS4 and PS5 to redeem for the US, UK, CA, Asia, Europe, and a giveaway with no survey.

How to send a PlayStation gift card

To send a PlayStation gift card, you need to first buy one from an online retailer.

You can buy one from Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, and more.

Alternatively, you can buy one from the official PlayStation Store.

When you’re purchasing a card, make sure that it’s valid for your country.

If the card is not valid for your country, the person will not be able to claim it.

How to redeem a PlayStation gift card

To redeem a PlayStation gift card, go to the PlayStation store and click on your avatar at the top.

Select “Redeem Code” from the drop-down menu, enter the code, and select “Redeem”.

After you’ve selected “Redeem”, the funds will be added to your account.

You can use the funds to purchase games, add-ons, and more.

Free PlayStation gift cards

Free PlayStation gift card codes:

  • KJ8F-RY2P-LO7Q
  • WZ4D-VX9M-UT6I
  • QG1K-NL3O-JA7S
  • EY6H-PX2B-WR9U
  • TD5V-ZA8C-GF0Q
  • MJ9R-XN7I-QK3L
  • LP2F-WI4Q-VH7U
  • UO3Z-HT5N-YC8K
  • XA7S-DM1F-HR4P
  • KQ6U-LO9V-GJ2C
  • BI3X-YB7N-FR4M
  • HT8A-KJ2D-CP6V
  • UF4M-RN1Z-LQ7H
  • YL9O-HC5R-BX3K
  • SQ2G-MP7W-FR1V
  • WZ5D-QS8L-YO6I
  • JA3K-PX9H-LR4V
  • IU7T-BC4N-OG0Q
  • WN6I-TX8S-LP2A
  • HQ9R-VE6X-BG5M
  • YT7H-WI9P-VZ6F
  • CN4L-QX8G-KJ1M
  • UA6S-VN5D-TH2Z
  • GF3Q-RA7K-XL2D
  • MY9C-HB6Z-DU8S
  • XP2R-FI5W-ZO4H
  • JN5T-VZ7U-HQ6R
  • KL1C-GW6S-BX9M
  • TD7V-OC4P-EI8H
  • RF9M-YU7Q-HX3W
  • OA2L-NJ6C-BT4S
  • VJ8X-ZQ3G-MW7K
  • GL1I-EW5D-PR7U
  • VF4S-RN2O-KC6L
  • HT9U-CP3Z-GB5N
  • CN7P-HJ2Q-AE4X
  • IO8M-KS5Z-QF3G
  • BD4C-KG6U-WN1Q
  • UX7T-LR3Y-OZ9V
  • QK6H-PM8D-VF2I
  • GO1Q-HZ0S-BN7W
  • FD5I-KU7Z-LP8G
  • RW3K-GV7Q-UB1F
  • VH6T-YR2N-JC8M
  • EJ9A-XL5W-TQ3Z
  • AZ7O-LR2U-KN9D
  • MV3K-BC6F-YT8I

Note: The PlayStation gift cards above are limited, so you need to redeem them quickly.

They are only redeemable on the PS4 and PS5 consoles (they don’t work for others).

The gift cards are either PlayStation funds, games, in-game items, or discounts.

If you can’t redeem a specific gift card, it means that the code is not supported in your region.

Secondly, the code might have already been redeemed by someone else.

Lastly, you might have entered the code incorrectly (make sure to turn off Caps Lock).

New gift cards will be added in the future, so you can bookmark the page and revisit it later.

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