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45+ Free Toyhouse Invite Codes

Toyhouse’s character repository offers a platform for managing characters and their profiles.

Users can organize characters into folders, apply tags, and categorize them by worlds.

Content protection is ensured by granting access only to authorized users.

The system also generates watermarked images and supports adoptable trading.

The Roleplay Community feature enables users to invite others and their characters into worlds.

This list contains 45+ free Toyhouse invite codes (beta) for you to create an account and join the community.

How to get Toyhouse invite codes

You can get free Toyhouse invite codes from these places:

How to create a Toyhouse account

  1. Go to https://toyhou.se/ and click on “Register here”.
  2. Choose a username, create a password, and enter your email address.
  3. Provide your date of birth (you need to be at least 18 years old).
  4. Enter your invite code, agree to the terms, and click on the “Register” button.

Free Toyhouse invite codes

Toyhouse invite codes

Toyhouse invite codes

  • GNwPjixO4m
  • z4FTURM210
  • 5ZcESdsHqf
  • PCM6Fc9oTX
  • 9mbUcLoJDW
  • g0EOKmJdd1
  • E1B1q3C0CN
  • PKbCbk5sca
  • GI9qi8Lgg6
  • uyqh5rJtqR
  • wU7PhZFxgQ
  • z6tLGBF2m2
  • QVITfHvOjI
  • KNfSg37AO0
  • fvzqjrMjUv
  • qzUT8IivbL
  • nU1sOeJavQ
  • CqZs3kTAx2
  • 40XCP4IXd3
  • 8A2jUfvtU0
  • 4MHDcZiLmR
  • gvigufSBpI
  • WjUBDf6jrR
  • LQVg8LPsT2
  • OVp6pK95cD
  • UaL3Pvk4rL
  • 4yXP4Ws1kK
  • PMQPM29oe7
  • v0Tve3W39f
  • UzLEZ223m1
  • QkawP9KYu6
  • 95BduiYTHh
  • cCmYhnG108
  • WbJoaN5gyL
  • tk79kGp0CJ
  • mSFag2Eer2
  • ei1YdtTcTP
  • rJ0QLftyJj
  • c6zvd64nUm
  • WYNqMnr6eE
  • QycMR5YWvh
  • tFV3BFYUeR
  • wPAVM4ty4Z
  • VsZvAvmiPr
  • NFs7L6PskD
  • rXXXF34pLP

Note: The free Toyhouse codes above are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If you can’t redeem a code above, it probably means that it’s already redeemed.

If that’s the case, you need to try using another code on the list.

Apart from the official Toyhouse Discord server, you can find codes on Tumblr.

Do not trust anyone that is selling codes as they are most likely scamming you.

New Toyhouse codes will be added to the list in the future.

You can bookmark the page on Chrome by clicking on the star icon on the right of the URL field.

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