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What Does ft. Mean on YouTube?

Did you see the abbreviation “ft.” on YouTube?

Maybe you saw it on the title of a music video.

Or maybe you saw it on the title of a song.

Either way, the meaning of “ft.” is the same for both titles.

However, it can be confusing because the abbreviation can have different meanings.

For example, “ft.” without the dot is a completely different abbreviation.

The context of the sentence using the abbreviation also makes a difference to the meaning of it.

In this article, you’ll learn what “ft.” means on YouTube.

You’ll also learn how to use it, why it is used, and more.

What Does ft. Mean on YouTube?

What Does ft. Mean on YouTube?

ft. = featuring.

The abbreviation, “ft.” means featuring on YouTube.

It’s typically used in the title of music videos when an artist collaborates with another artist.

For example, the Music Video “Love The Way You Lie” is recorded by Eminem featuring Rihanna.

Hence, the Music Video is titled “Eminem – Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna”.

The first name in the title of a music video is the main artist, while the name after “ft.” is the invited artist.

Do not mistake “ft.” with “ft” as they are different abbreviations.

The abbreviation “ft” (without the dot) means feet or foot, which is a unit for measurements.

On the other hand, “ft.” (with the dot) means featuring, which is used in music videos.

Since YouTube has a ton of music videos, you’ll see “ft.” more often than “ft”, unless the video is about the measurement of something.

How do you use ft. on YouTube?

What does ft. mean

You can use “ft.” in the title of your YouTube video when you’re collaborating with someone.

Although “ft.” is typically used for music videos, you can also use it if you’re collaborating with another person.

For example, if you’re uploading a video of a travel vlog with you and your friend, you can title the video as “Travel vlog ft. your friend’s name”.

Similarly, if you’re uploading a video of a prank with another YouTuber, you can title the video as “Prank ft. the YouTuber’s name”.

This is a great way to give credits to the person that is in your video.

The usage of “ft.” is not only for music videos.

It can be used as long as there’s some form of collaboration in a video.

If the person is included for the most part of your video, adding “ft.” is a great way to give recognition to them.

If you don’t give credits to the person, they might be displeased by it.

Using “ft.” is just one way to give credits to someone in your video.

You can also add their socials in the description of your video so that your viewers can easily find and follow them.

At the end of the day, giving credits to someone who collaborates with you on YouTube is common decency.

Why do we use ft.?

So, why do people use “ft.” on their videos?

The usage of “ft.” is to give credits to the person collaborating with you on your video.

When someone collaborates with you on a YouTube video, crediting them is common decency.

If you’re collaborating with someone, adding “ft.” with their name is a way to credit them.

One way to credit someone on your video is to title your video using “ft.”.

For example, if a YouTube named “John” is collaborating with you on a video, you can add “ft. John” to the title of your video.

That way, people are aware of the person in your video.

Otherwise, your viewers might be confused as to who the person in your video is.

However, if someone is in your video for a short time, you don’t have to add “ft.” to the title of your video.

Someone (substantial) that is in your video for a short time is regarded as a cameo.

Hence, you don’t have to add “ft.” to the title of your video unless the person is in your video for the most part.

What does ft. mean before a name?

The abbreviation, “ft.” means featuring if it appears before a name.

When someone collaborates with another person in a video, “ft.” is used to credit that person.

Let’s say John (the main artist) is collaborating with Tom (another artist) in a music video.

The title of the video will be, “John ft. Tom”.

On the other hand, if the main artist is Tom, and John is another artist, the video will be titled, “Tom ft. Tom.

The “ft.” abbreviation can also be used in the titles of non-music videos.

As long as there’s a collaboration is involved, “ft.” can be used in the title of the video.

If only one person is in a video, “ft.” cannot be used.

What is the full form of feat.?

feat. = featuring.

The full form of “feat.” is featuring.

The abbreviation “feat.” is also similar to “ft.”.

ft. = featuring.

In a nutshell, “ft.” is an even shorter abbreviation for “feat.”.

It’s more commonly used in music videos as it makes the title of the music video shorter.

ft. = feat. = featuring.

That being said, the abbreviations “ft.” and “feat.” can be used interchangeably.

“feat.” is just a longer abbreviation, while “ft.” is a shorter abbreviation for featuring.

If you’re choosing between “ft.” and “feat.” for your video’s title, here are some points that you need to consider:

Firstly, the “ft.” abbreviation is shorter than “feat.”.

So if the title of your video is already long, “ft.” is a better option.

On the other hand, if the title of your video is short, you can use “feat.” instead of “ft.”.

“feat.” is a longer abbreviation than “ft.” for featuring, so some viewers might be more familiar with it.

Is feat. short for feature?

No, “feat.” is not short for feature.

“feat.” is short for featuring (with an “ing”), not feature.

“feat.” is typically used in the title of a music video when an artist collaborates with another artist.

However, “feat” (without the dot) is a noun in the English dictionary.

It means an achievement that requires skill.

So, if you happen to see the word “feat” without a dot at the end of it, it does not mean featuring.

Instead, it’s a noun in the English language.

On the other hand, if you see the abbreviation, “feat.” in the title of a music video, it means featuring (e.g. feat. Bruno Mars).

ft. sentence examples

Are you looking to use “ft.” in a sentence or the title of a YouTube video?

Here are some examples of the abbreviation, “ft.” in a sentence:

  • 24 Hours Vlog ft. John
  • Travel Vlog ft. Jane
  • Prank Call ft. Adams
  • Ignoring Prank ft. Clark
  • Getting Personal With Tom ft. Davis
  • Surprising People ft. Mary
  • House Tour ft. Jones
  • Workout Vlog ft. Charles
  • Boxing session Ft. Eddie


In this article, you’ve learned the meaning of “ft.” on YouTube.

You’ve also learned how to use “ft.”, why it’s used, and when to use it.

To recap, “ft.” is not only for music videos.

“ft.” is applicable for all types of videos, as long as it includes someone else.

Additionally, “ft.” and “feat.” are interchangeable.

This means that you can use either abbreviation based on the circumstance.

For instance, it’s better to utilize “ft.” instead of “feat.” in longer titles.

On the contrary, if your title is short, you can utilize “feat.” instead of “ft.”.

But at the end of the day, since both abbreviations are interchangeable, it isn’t that significant.

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