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Geiru Toneido Age, Fanart, and More

Geiru Toneido, or the Ace Attorney Clown Girl surged in popularity on Twitter.

She is from the game called “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice”.

The game is the 6th version of “Gyakuten Saiban”

It was released on 9 June 2016 in Japan for Nintendo 3DS and worldwide on September 8th.

The fictional character went viral after a clip of her in the game was shared.

In this guide, you’ll learn who is Geiru Toneido, her bio (age/height), animation, and GIF.

Who is Geiru Toneido?

Geiru Toneido

Geiru Toneido is a fictional character from the game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice.

She is a balloon artist and rakugo performer who hopes to follow in her father’s (Taifu Toneido) footsteps.

However, she realized that she did not have her father’s talent and she became a balloon artist instead.

However, Taifu passed on his performer name to her childhood friend, making him the new Unedo Toneido.

Geiru was angry and she suffocated Taifu on the day of Uendo’s naming ceremony.

She appeared in court a day after and acted innocent at first, but she confessed to her crime later on.

Geiru later realized that Taifu had been making udon noodles for her and that he wanted her to decide her own path in life.

Geiru Toneido has been trending on social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube.

The clip that made her viral is a GIF of her pulling her suspenders and releasing them.

This led to the popularity of the word, “Clussy”, similar to other “-ussy” variations.

Geiru Toneido bio (age and height)

Age (birth year)1994
Height 164 cm (5 ft 4 in)
OccupationRakugo performer (2016 – May 13, 2028)
Balloon artist (2016 – May 13, 2028)
Last known statusArrested (May 13, 2028)
Eye colorGrey
Hair colorBlack
FamilyUendo Toneido
FriendsJugemu, Taifu Toneido, Uendo Toneido, Simon Blackquill
AffiliatesBucky Whet

Geiru Toneido fan art (animation and GIF)

The GIF above is the most popular GIF of Geiru Toneirdo on the internet.

She pulls the suspenders on her dress and releases it, causing the balloons to wobble.

A Twitter user, @clownsdaily, shared the GIF and it got over 900 likes.

The most liked fanart of Geiru Toneido on Twitter is by @Kekel0212.

It received over 66k likes and over 7k retweets.

The drawing showcases Geiru Toneido’s signature quirk—pulling her suspenders.

Another artist on Twitter, @BeejTheClown shared a retro drawing of Geiru.

The artist is based in Italy and she shares her art across multiple social media platforms.

It got over 400 likes and over 50 retweets.

Another popular fanart of Geiru Torneido on Twitter is by @Senranx.

The fanart received over 22k likes and more than 3k retweets.

@Senranx is an artist based in Brazil who draws stuff that he likes.

A user by the name of speedoru animated a parody of the court scene.

The animation got over half a million views on Twitter.

He also makes a lot of NSFW art and showcases them on Newgrounds.

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