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135+ Good Instagram Comments For Your Friends

Leaving a good Instagram comment can make someone’s day.

However, coming up with one is challenging because you might not know what to say.

A lot of people like an Instagram post without commenting on it.

If you are one of them, you should try commenting once for a change.

This is also known as “hyping” your friends up.

In fact, if you comment something nice on someone’s post, they will have a good impression of you.

This article contains 135+ good, nice, and cute Instagram comments for your friends, boys, and girls.

You’ll also learn what you should comment on your best friend’s picture and on a guy’s post.

If you don’t know what comment to post, you can use the short Instagram comment ideas below.

What should I comment on my best friend’s picture?

You should comment something nice like a compliment on your best friend’s picture.

For example, if your best friend posted a picture of themself, you can comment “Great photo!”.

If you don’t know what to comment on the picture, you can use emojis.

The most common emojis are the fire emoji (πŸ”₯), the hundred points emoji (πŸ’―), and the smiling face with heart eyes emoji (😍).

What should I comment on a guy’s post?

You should comment fire emojis (πŸ”₯) on a guy’s post.

It’s the easiest way to show that you like their post.

The fire emoji is also used to express adoration, love, or admiration.

It can be also used to convey that someone is attractive.

Good Instagram comments

Good Instagram Comments
  1. My jaw dropped 😯
  2. You look amazing
  3. You’re killing it
  4. Keep on hustling
  5. Sheeeeeeesh!
  6. Out of this world
  7. So pretty! 😍
  8. Those lips tho πŸ‘„
  9. Pretty girl
  10. This outfit is absoultely insane πŸ”₯
  11. So beautiful πŸ’–
  12. You are stunning
  13. You’re the cutest thing
  14. So perfect
  15. You’re so gorgeous!
  16. Oh my lawd πŸ”₯
  17. I love this
  18. I love these πŸ’œ
  19. Love the fit!
  20. What a babe ❀️
  21. Drip fit
  22. Love your vibe!
  23. Beyond amazing ✨
  24. This outfit and you in it πŸ”₯
  25. Cool style πŸ”₯
  26. Oh hello 😍
  27. Look at you
  28. A whole bloody vibe πŸ”₯
  29. You are amazing omg
  30. Disco baby 🎡
  31. Oh good lord! ❀️
  32. Stop βœ‹ this is the coment I’m looking for
  33. Love this picture!
  34. You’re the goat
  35. That smile 😍
  36. Such an angel
  37. The beast in action
  38. Sheeeeeeesh!
  39. Better than good!
  40. You’re so stunning 😍
  41. This is fire πŸ”₯
  42. What a great pic ❀️
  43. Keep grinding πŸ’ͺ
  44. This is the cutest outfit!
  45. You look so cute!
  46. Have a great weekend πŸ₯°
  47. My heart ❀️
  48. Fire fit πŸ”₯
  49. Insane bro πŸ’ͺ
  50. You’re the man
  51. So dreamy
  52. The shocker⚑
  53. Such a beauty
  54. So cool πŸ”₯
  55. Hell yeah πŸ”₯
  56. Classy dude
  57. Love this picture
  58. Straight like that!
  59. Badass photo
  60. Big guy eh
  61. Keep doing what you doing πŸ’ͺ
  62. Dream physique
  63. Full on goofy
  64. Freaking gorgeous 😍
  65. Always killing it with the looks! πŸ’–
  66. Looking sick my guy πŸ”₯
  67. You are rocking the look 😍
  68. Always surprising ❀️
  69. The outfit is perfect πŸ’―
  70. Love it so much πŸ’“
  71. You’re a total cutie
  72. Rock on bro
  73. Now that’s a lovely pic πŸ’–
  74. Hard look πŸ’ͺ
  75. You make my heart blow
  76. You’re fabulous ❀️
  77. Keep going πŸ™Œ
  78. This picture made my day
  79. Absolute beauty right here
  80. So gorgeous you ❀️
  81. Loving the fit 😍
  82. My everything πŸ’–
  83. Looking up to you
  84. To look like this ❀️
  85. You’re one handsome young fella
  86. You’re literally unreal
  87. I’m so obssessed
  88. Always popping off
  89. Always dripping
  90. You’re a machine πŸ’ͺ
  91. So sick πŸ”₯
  92. Amazing brother
  93. Amazing look 😍
  94. Sick outfit bro πŸ”₯
  95. Big guy with big dreams πŸ’ͺ
  96. There we go πŸ”₯
  97. Just like that πŸ™Œ
  98. Good vibes only ❀️
  99. Nice look
  100. Fresh look!
  101. Nice shoot man πŸ”₯
  102. My role model ❀️
  103. This is mood ❀️
  104. Looking good!
  105. Great shoots πŸ‘€
  106. Nice pic πŸ”₯
  107. The vibes are immaculate
  108. Hardwork pays off πŸ’ͺ
  109. Lord have mercy
  110. I adore you πŸ’–
  111. Yea, you’re unreal
  112. Marry me rn!
  113. What’s going up with you today?
  114. You never fail to impress me?
  115. These are hard πŸ”₯
  116. You look so good!
  117. Hot stuff πŸ”₯
  118. Blessing my feed rn
  119. Slaying as always πŸ’―
  120. This is incredible ❀️
  121. You are amazing πŸ’–
  122. Damn body goals

Nice Instagram comments

Nice Instagram Comments
  1. This is amazing!
  2. I’m in love with your fit
  3. This is straight πŸ”₯
  4. Stunning picture 😍
  5. Vibes on point πŸ’―
  6. My spirit animal
  7. Dope shot!
  8. You got it πŸ’ͺ

Cute Instagram comments

Cute Instagram Comments
  1. What a cutie! ❀️
  2. Loving the look! 😍
  3. So cute 😍
  4. The cutest omg πŸ₯Ί
  5. You’re an angel
  6. What a babe ❀️
  7. You are so adorbs!
  8. This is magical! ✨


Coming up with a good Instagram comment can be challenging.

There are so many typical comments that you can post, but it’s hard to come up with something creative.

However, the truth is that you don’t have to leave a creative comment.

In fact, a simple fire emoji (πŸ”₯) conveys that you think that someone’s post is awesome.

If you’re not a fan of emojis, you can comment something like “Great pic!” or “Love this!”.

Even simple and generic comments can make someone’s day.

Keep in mind that the comments in this list are in no particular order.

If you found a comment that you like in this article, feel free to use it.

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