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Greta Thunberg and Andrew Tate on Twitter

Greta Thunberg’s and Andrew Tate’s Twitter exchange is one of the most trending topics on the platform.

Andrew Tate is a media personality and at one point, the most Googled person in the world.

On the other hand, Greta is an autistic Swedish environmental activist.

The two recently had an exchange that went viral on Twitter, amassing hundreds of millions of views.

In this article, you’ll learn the origin of the exchange, Andrew Tate’s tweet, and Greta Thunberg’s response on Twitter.

  1. The origin of the exchange
  2. Andrew Tate’s tweet to Greta Thunberg
  3. Greta Thunberg’s response
  4. Andrew Tate’s response
  5. Andrew Tate’s video response

1. The origin of the exchange

It all started with a fan-made edit from one of Greta Thunberg’s speeches.

In the video, Greta says “Back in school” while Andrew Tate responds with “Why”.

Next, Greta says, “You’ve stolen my dreams with your empty words” and Andrew responds with “What color is your Bugatti?”.

The clip ends with Greta saying “How dare you?” and Andrew laughing.

Greta saying “How dare you” was a meme back in 2019 to world leaders.

2. Andrew Tate’s tweet to Greta Thunberg

Andrew Tate was unbanned on Twitter after Elon Musk acquired it.

A few months after his ban, he posted a tweet to troll Greta Thunberg.

The tweet states that Andrew has 33 cars and he wants Greta to send him her email address.

This is so that he can send her a list of his car collection and their emissions.

The tweet has over 110 million views and more than 191k likes.

3. Greta Thunberg’s response

Greta responded with a d*ck joke and the tweet immediately took off.

Currently, it has over 180 million views and more than 2.8 million likes.

This makes it one of the most-liked tweets in Twitter’s history.

The exchange went viral on every social media platform and multiple media outlets started to cover it.

4. Andrew Tate’s response

Andrew Tate replied to Greta’s response, saying her iconic phrase, “How dare you?”.

His response got over 17 million views and more than 180k likes.

The phrase originated from her speech to world leaders back in September 2019.

Greta captured the attention of millions of people and multiple world leaders like Trump and Putin in that speech.

Putin mocked Greta for not understanding the intricacies of politics and emphasized that the world isn’t as simple as she thinks it is.

Andrew’s reason behind the tweet is that tax dollars are “effectively” spent on preventing the sun to get hotter.

5. Andrew Tate’s video response

A few hours later, Andrew posted a video that gave context about the exchange and mocked Greta further.

He implied that Greta was foolish to convince people to pay taxes to prevent the sun from getting hotter.

In addition, Andrew claimed that her tweet was part of a bot farm where bots like and retweet Greta’s response.

He also said that Greta was being paid to advocate climate change to the masses.

Both Greta and Andrew’s popularity skyrocketed further after the exchange.

The video got over 8.8 million views and more than 173k likes.

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