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7 Actionable Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Uncommon ways to grow your Instagram followers

In this article, I’ll be sharing 7 actionable and uncommon ways you can grow your Instagram followers.

For starters, it can take a lot of time and effort to grow your Instagram followers and increase your engagement rates. Moreover, constant updates on Instagram throughout the years have made it harder for users to engage with other accounts frequently.

Hence, here are some important guidelines you’ll need to take note of before trying to grow your Instagram followers:


Instagram has an action block restriction so you’ll have to limit the number of actions you’re doing per session.

The action block will be enforced on repetitive direct-messaging, following or even liking. Instagram’s reason for the action block is to ‘protect its community’. But it seems to have an adverse effect on some of its users. Instagram as a social network, has diminished its social features which is ironic.

As such, the follow/unfollow method is not as effective ‘alone’ anymore because you can’t spam it. However, there are groups that reinforce it which I will be elaborating on in this article.

To make matters worse, there are tons of generic advice out there on the internet. For instance, if you were to search for the term, ‘how to grow your Instagram followers’ on Google, these tips might pop up: utilize hashtags, post on the right times, post frequently, etc.

But let’s be honest, these tips don’t work as well as we hope them to. Especially for new or accounts hoping to get initial followers and engagement, it’s not going to be easy. Realistically, your first post isn’t going to get hundreds or thousands of likes.

What about growth services? There are many social media growth services existing in the market where you can buy fake followers or likes. However, they are highly detrimental to your account and violates Instagram’s TOS. So this option is out.

If organic reach is on the decline, current tips and tricks are redundant, and growth services are no longer relevant, what do we do?

Without further ado, here are 7 uncommon ways to grow your Instagram followers:

#1: Follow for follow groups

Follow for follow groups are rarely ever discussed in any tips or tricks on the internet. This is because they are uncustomary, and this website aims to spread awareness on how to find and utilize them effectively.

The follow for follow method is rather self-explanatory. You simply ‘spam’ follow others (preferably in your niche) with the intention of them following you back.

However, this strategy ‘alone’ is ineffective because if you’re not breaking the ice with those users; they’ll regard you as spam. This is where follow for follow groups come into play.

There are several follow for follow groups on the web, but I’m just going to be mentioning one in this article. If you want to browse the full list of these groups, you can read this article.

Followchain.org A dedicated follow for follow platform for Instagram.

How to grow your Instagram followers using Followchain

It works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Share your Instagram username on the site.
  2. Follow other users that interest you on their Instagram.
  3. Direct-message them on Instagram that you came from the platform for a follow-back.

However, before you’re able to share your Instagram username on the site, you’ll have to create an account. You can register and join for free today.

Social networks

This is another way to gain traffic to your Instagram account. However, it takes a lot of time and patience. If you have decent traffic coming from other sources (e.g. social networks), there is a slight chance that it’ll be converted into your Instagram followers.

#2: TikTok

TikTok has an amazing feature where you can link your socials (e.g. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) on your bio.

How to grow your Instagram followers using TikTok

If you haven’t already started producing content on there, you’re missing out.

TikTok has an amazing reach which caters to the younger demographic. If one of your posts happens to go viral, the traffic you’re getting has a high chance to convert to your Instagram followers.

Additionally, the social feature makes it effortless for users to visit your Instagram page.

#3: Tinder

Tinder has a feature where you can connect your Instagram to your profile. However, they removed usernames from showing in photos so it’s a great idea to put your Instagram username on your bio.

How to grow your Instagram followers using Tinder

This is a great way to gain more exposure to your Instagram page.

However, if you’re not attractive, there’s a high chance that no one is going to search for your Instagram username and follow you.

Females have an upper-hand on this because Tinder is extremely male-dominant.

#4: Quora

Last but not least, we have Quora.

Quora has a bio too where you can insert your Instagram handle.

How to grow your Instagram followers using Quora

Quora is a platform where you can get content views fairly quickly if you write a lot. You’ll have to answer 10-20 questions every week to grow substantially, but the pay off is pretty decent.

The amount of content views you’re getting has a slight chance to convert into your Instagram followers.

#5: Have a beautiful Instagram feed

Surprise, surprise, you have to have a decent-looking Instagram feed if you want to attract more people to follow you.

Yet, so many people have a below-average looking feed.

Have a beautiful Instagram feed

Having a decent Instagram feed will also increase the retention rate of your existing followers.

Naturally, users are more enticed to following someone with a decent feed rather than someone who spends little to no effort in trying to beautify their feed.

Furthermore, a beautiful, well-themed feed will give a long-lasting impression to someone who visits your page for the first time.

#6: Following mutuals

Following mutuals is another great way to get more follow backs.

Instagram has a feature where mutuals can be easily viewed under a user’s bio.

How to grow your Instagram followers by following mutuals

Typically, people are more likely to follow an account that has lots of mutuals in contrast to one that has little to none. This is because mutuals serve as a trust factor.

The mutual feature also makes it easier to find old friends’ or an associate’s Instagram handle. They are more likely to follow you back as you’ve probably met them in person before.

#7: Unprivate your account

Un-privating your Instagram account will increase the reach of your account. If your account is private, hashtags cannot be utilized as your posts wouldn’t appear on the explore page.

How to unprivate your Instagram account

Additionally, it makes it harder for users to direct-message you as the feature is hidden from plain sight.


Growing your Instagram followers is a long and challenging path. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Ultimately, one of the best strategies to grow your Instagram followers fast is to join follow for follow communities for Instagram.

This is because the majority of Instagram users only follow you if you follow them back. Unless you’re a well-known celebrity, ridiculously attractive or popular; this won’t apply to you.


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Author: Lim How Wei. Lim How Wei is the founder of Followchain, a community that simplifies growth and networking for Instagram users. Feel free to follow him on Instagram.

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