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Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz Part 7 Answer

Honkai Star Rail is a new space fantasy RPG by the creators of Genshin Impact.

Ride the Astral Express and discover the galaxy’s infinite wonders filled with thrills and adventures.

Meet new friends around the world and even run into some familiar faces.

Explore the universe’s wonders like a space station, a planet with eternal winter, a starship, and more.

The game has high-quality cinematics, innovative facial expressions, and an original score.

Go on an adventure with new friends and reimagine tactical combat using a brand-new command combat system.

In this guide, you’ll learn the Honkai Star Rail: Ministry of Education quiz part 7 answer, a new HoYoverse space fantasy RPG.

Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz Part 7 Answer

Question: I heard that there’s ancient treasure buried in an inconspicuous corner of the snow plains. Sampo the explorer – Tall, Blue, and Handsome – found the treasure after quite an adventure, and before them, they found two talking gates: One gold, one silver.

One of these two doors only tells the truth, while the other only tells lies. Behind one of these doors lies a treasure, behind the other lies an ancient monster.

A note on the treasure map advises: The two doors will only answer one question.

The quick-witted Sampo – Tall, Blue, and Handsome – gives it some thought before asking the silver door, “What would the gold door say about the thing that lies behind you?”

The silver door answers, “It would say, there is treasure behind me.” Which door should Sampo – Tall, Blue, and Handsome – open?

Answer: Open the gold gate.

Explanation: The silver door was telling the truth about the gold door, hence there is treasure behind the silver door, but that would mean the gold door was also telling the truth.

As a result, the silver door is not telling the truth, because the possibility would contradict the one liar and one truth speaker rule.

Another way to interpret this is that the silver door tells the truth about the gold door’s deception, but that would mean the gold door’s statement about the treasure behind the silver door was a farce.

This means that the real treasure was behind the gold door.

The silver door was lying about the gold door, then a simple negation of the gold door’s supposed answer would confirm no treasure behind the silver door.

This conclusion is valid because there is only one liar and only one who speaks the truth.

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