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What Does “I Am Atomic” Mean?

On Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, the “I am atomic” scene went viral.

The scene is an anime fight scene when the main character says “I am atomic”.

The scene went viral because of how the voice actor said the words.

Typically, anime voice actors will shout out a catchphrase.

For example, in Bleach, characters will shout out “Bankai” to give them abilities.

On the other hand, Goku will yell whenever he’s powering up.

However, when the character said “I am atomic”, he said it in a calm and monotonous tone.

In this article, you’ll learn what “I am atomic” means by Cid, the anime scene (full video), and why it became a meme on TikTok.

What does “I am atomic” mean?

“I am atomic” is a catchphrase said by Cid Kageno in The Eminence in Shadow.

He said it in a calm and monotonous tone, which is both cringe-worthy and chilling at the same time.

After he said it, he blew up the entire city—forming a massive crater on the ground.

Cid is the main character in the series and is the leader of Shadow Garden, a secret organization.

He has a slim physique, short dark hair, and generic facial features.

His success comes from luck, improvisation, and combat expertise.

The way Cid said “atomic” is almost like a whisper which is unexpected.

Fans of the original manga did not expect Cid to have that tone of voice.

Here are some of the fan reactions, “The voice actor deserves a raise just for those three words”.

“I’ve been waiting to hear how he said “I am atomic” since reading the web novel. When I finally heard them, I was not disappointed”.

“For the first time, not only does it sound edgy and badass, but it also gave me goosebumps and chills down my spine”.

I am atomic meme

The “I am atomic” scene was edited and posted on TikTok by @funochi.

It’s a 14-second edit of Cid Kageno saying “I am atomic” with dramatic music playing in the background.

The video got over 3.8 million views and more than 625k likes.

Here are some of the comments, “I am atomic > I am iron man”.

“I am atomic is the coldest line I’ve heard in a long time. Plus, the devastation he pulled after that line was crazy”.

A video by @charlyanthony09 is another edit of the scene and it got over over 1.3 million views.

Here’s one of the comments, “Goosebumps from episode 1. Finally some peak Isekai anime”.

Other comments were asking what is the name of the anime, which is The Eminence in Shadow.

The anime series currently has 9 episodes and it’s available on Disney Plus.

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