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Ima Butterfly Fight Video

The “Ima Butterfly” fight video is trending on Twitter and other social media platforms—here’s who posted it and what is it about.

On Twitter, videos like the Ima Butterfly fight video can easily go viral.

This is because Twitter allows NSFW content as long as you mark it.

You can do this by going to your privacy and safety settings and navigating to your tweet settings.

In your tweet settings, you can mark your tweets as sensitive.

This is similar to Reddit where NSFW content is allowed in multiple communities.

In this article, you’ll learn if the I’m a Butterfly/Ima Butterfly fight video is real, what is it, who posted it, and how to find it.

Is the “Ima Butterfly” fight video real?

The Ima Butterfly/I’m a Butterfly fight video is real.

It was uploaded on Instagram stories and on Twitter.

On Twitter, the video was posted multiple times and got hundreds of thousands of views.

A user by the name of @mobzee5 posted the video on Twitter and got over 140k views.

Many users are confused as to why the fight broke out.

What happened in the Ima Butterfly video?

In the Ima Butterfly video, a group of girls was fighting with each other.

Apparently, one girl was fighting 4 to 5 other girls.

The girl’s brother was also fighting in the video, defending her.

After the fight, the girl who got jumped had a bloodied face and was still smiling.

Twitter users were praising her and that she won the fight.

“Them 4 girls straight scary to jump someone knowing they couldn’t win 1v1”.

“That’s sad how you gonna fight then end up jumping straight up embarrassing for them”.

“I personally think she won cuz it wasn’t a fair fight”.

According to @deedee777779 on Twitter, the fight started because the black girls claimed that the brother called them the “N” word.

However, the brother claimed that he didn’t, and the girl that fought against 4 to 5 other girls was his sister.

Who posted the video?

On Twitter, the user @mobzee5 posted the video and got the most views.

The fight video got over 140k views and more than 3,400 likes.

That said, it’s not known who posted the original video.

Many users were praising the girl and her brother for winning the fight against 4 to 5 other girls.

Ima Butterfly fight video

The Ima Butterfly video is a fight between a group of girls and a guy.

The girl and the guy were siblings and they fought 4 to 5 other girls.

Apparently, it started because the black girl claimed that the guy called her the “N” word.

That’s when the brother got jumped and his sister stepped in to fight.

The fight was defused after about 30 seconds by a security guard and other people.

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