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List of Instagram Accounts that Follow Back

This article contains a list of Instagram accounts that will follow you back.

At Followchain, we have analyzed over 1,500 Instagram accounts in different niches that will follow you back.

As such, you don’t have to spend time randomly following others and don’t get a follow back in return.

Here are the rules:

  1. Follow users that you’re interested in.
  2. Like a few of their posts.
  3. Direct message them, “Followchain” and they’ll follow you back.

Without further ado, here’s a comprehensive list of Instagram accounts that will follow back (with descriptions).

List of Instagram accounts that follow back

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1. @viajeukimmigration

Specialist UK immigration law firm specialising in the regions of England and Scotland.

2. @agencyakepa

A marketing agency focused on sustainability. We post about nature and biodiversity and follow back relevant accounts.

3. @spagheto

Music producer and YouTuber producing lo-fi, hip-hop, deep house, and other music.

4. @kumicoconuts

Ground handler, photography, and music. Send me a direct message saying that you came from Followchain.

5. @curtismcooper

Hey, I post actionable educational content about my journey as I build businesses, review books, and develop content for others. I am very active as I post and engage often.

6. @DicksonGaming

The Instagram page of a video game reviewing show! The show will have elements of cartoon animation and will have comedy elements as well! The video games in question includes retro classics from back then all the way to modern games.

7. @shaman.nostra

Rapper from Toronto who follows back, feel free to dm me if I forget.

8. @agendaposts

Hey everyone – I mostly dabble in novice photography, but there’s a bit of personal stuff scattered around in my posts and stories.

Very active and love to interact, and I’m generous with liking the upcoming posts in your feed as long as it’s not something blatantly awful. I do expect people to be at least reasonably engaging, and not be a ghost.

Will definitely F4F and L4L, just DM me.

Cheers, looking forward to checking out your content! ?

9. @_ourhome_no.12

Cassie & James – First time buyers.
Keys collected: 22nd August!
Detached house build in 1997.

10. @amandamaiatoph

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda, I’m a model and photographer.
This is my new page!
My target is 1k followers, collabs and make brands to find me.
Follow me on Instagram (just permanent follow) and I wiil follow back.

Thanks! ?

11. @jessigx_

Follow me and I’ll give you a follow back!

I post pictures of nature, my dog & me – I’m active on Insta so shoot me a dm or comment down below if you’re from Followchain and I’ll follow you back and like some posts 🙂

12. @nickthetower

Hey please follow me @nickthetower!

I’m hoping to utilize my photo/painting skills as a side gig for supplemental income and hope IG will help kick start the marketing for it.

Thank you in advance, make sure to leave a quick DM for a follow back!

13. @analicesis

I post mainly travel and lifestyle with some fashion and interior design. Pretty much anything that catches my eye!

Follow for follow, please DM me letting me know you came from here! ?

14. @abulma3ali


I’m a Canadian residing in Baghdad Iraq for work. Follow me if you’re interested in seeing what life is like over here ?

I’ll follow back. We can even be long-distance friends ?‍♂️

15. @buscandowildflowers

Hey! I take photos of nature and places I go.

F4F looking for interesting content. I don’t unfollow and am very active on likes.

Just DM me on instagram you’re from here!

16. @ai_wen_dreak

Follow for follow ?

This is my Instagram profile just follow me and simply send a dm saying, “Followchain”.

I’ll follow you back. ?

17. @jeoffneydriver

Hey! Follow me on ig @jeoffneydriver. I’m doing F4F and looking for new friends. I am a novice when it comes to photography and my posts are always about traveling, lifestyle, nature, food, etc. Follow me for a permanent follow. I can easily unfollow everyone who unfollows me since I have a tracker so it’s a waste of time for both of us if you do that. See ya!

18. @editandnest

Hi, on my account I post motivation and positive quotes to help you through your day ?

I love finding cool new accounts to follow, just DM to me know you’re from followchain: I always follow back permanently, and will only unfollow if you do ?

Can’t wait to connect! ?

19. @lipYqil.photos

I follow back, just DM me please!

After years of travels and work, I spent the last 2 years to sort my pics (yes, really). Now I am posting them on Instagram.
I also started doing music (electro and rap) and there is a lot to come.

I also have a YT channel where you can sub if you want (link on the music IG). Thanks!

20. @flash.snaps

Influencers/photographers where u at?

Follow my Instagram www.instagram.com/flash.snaps!

Just heads up I only follow photographers or influencers!!!!

21. @csintiaofficial

Let’s follow each other accounts and not doing the “unfollow” thing, thank you.

I have more FOLLOWING than FOLLOWERS on my IG, cause not everybody is a good person :v

Btw, I rarely post. I repost good photos that I like from other Photographers.

22. @newyorkandlasvegas

Bran new photography page.

Posting mainly photos from traveling round New York and Las Vegas ❤️ just started it, if you like beautiful photos, come say hi! ❤️

Active followers would be great and I’ll follow back!

23. @madagascarroad

MY ANIMATION SERIES! I do follow backs, DM me letting me know you’re from here ?

24. @yonderlust_gram

This is the link to my account, I post everything about travels, trips and stuff like that. I’ll do L4L and F4F.

25. @vaib_saduneni

Lost my account a couple years back and just now decided to restart. I will follow for a follow permanently. Much appreciated to anyone willing to help and I’ll try to do my part.

26. @thebahamasawait

Follow me @thebahamasawait and I’ll follow you back.

Discover paradise, daily photos and reposts.

27. @merwan.j

Permanent follow & L4L!

Don’t try to unfollow, I see everything.

28. @car_lo_x

Follow me and DM me that you’re from Followchain for a follow back!

29. @mikebecurious

Follow for follow! Trying to gain more exposure for my photography account, My Instagram: @mikebecurious.

30. @theblacksmithsociety

We’re a record label made up of upcoming Toronto artists, open to following any type of account ??

31. @weeshade

I’m a starting artist. I’d love to follow back! If it’s not too much to ask, please drop a comment and leave a like under my post. I don’t mind returning the favor. ?

32. @D34thbunnyofficial

Hey all! I’m a 21 y/o F who just started advertising for a band I’ve been a huge fan of.

So if you could follow me @D34thbunnyofficial on Instagram and check them out I’d truly appreciate it. I’ll do follow for follows as well.

33. @abstractfvckery

Follow @abstractfvckery and message that you’re from here for a follow back. I won’t know to follow u otherwise. If u unfollow, I unfollow.

34. @insta.ernst

Permanent follow. Follow for follow.

Very active liker ?.

35. @aroviance

Hey guys this is my Instagram account. Follow me and send a dm that you are from “Followchain”. I’ll follow you back ♥️♥️ ??.

36. @pxrcelainheart

Hey guys! I’m a model, makeup artist and designer and I’m trying to grow my page ✨ will follow and like back if you let me know you’re from followchain via DMs ??

37. @jaredbussi

F4F L4L.

Will always follow back will never unfollow first.

38. @_its_me_sameer

Hey guys, follow my Instagram personal account and don’t worry for follow back. F4F.

39. @sinkxswim

Photographer currently posting pics on the civil rights movement and protests. F4F. Give my stuff some likes of you like journalism/raw news.

40. @rupeshgonte

Follow me, I will follow you back quickly from my other 3 accounts as well.

41. @longliveaaliyah._

Are you an Aaliyah Haughton fan? Please go and follow my fan page for her. I will follow you all back.

42. @keetheleo

Hello everyone, please follow me whenever you can. I will follow everyone back. I’m very active. Also, if you are a spiritual person please follow. I would love for someone to help me get started on my spiritual journey.

43. @mr.tyke

Follow for follow.

I’m new to Instagram and its setup for my YouTube channel to which I post memes of video games and I have recently become a YouTube partner.

Dm me if you follow me from here and I will follow back.

44. @xsummerbunnyx

Hey follow me on Instagram @xsummerbunnyx. Will follow back!

45. @izaakoooo

Follow @izaakoooo on Instagram will follow back !!

46. @konstantinos.koulaxizis

Hi guys follow for a follow back, cheers ?

47. @chaimaste

Guys please follow above link. I will surely follow back. I am active 24/7. Thank you!. Lets grow together ?

48. @nickfelix0

I’ll follow back usually within the hour.

I play basketball and football. Big on sports and rap.

49. @foff_ng

I follow immediately, very active.

Like my post and I will like yours.

50. @sugarcoatedgoodies

Hey guys! I am doing an instant follow for a follow on Instagram!

It’s an Instagram baking page. I check Instagram notifications frequently.

51. @keetheleo

Hello everyone, please follow my Instagram! I will follow each and everyone of you back. I also do like for like.

Thank you again.

52. @wafuisme_

Hi, follow I follow back 🙂

Just DM me, “Followchain”.

53. @lnkramadi

Follow for follow ✅

54. @dezmondbroadway

✌? Heyo, let’s build each other up! I’ll follow back, DM me & say you’re from follow chain. I mainly post fashion.

55. @beastly.awakening


I’m a motivation and fitness account. Follow me if you want the truth of fitness and true motivation.

Just cold hard facts 100% free of charge.

56. @prrathamesshloke

Hey everyone,

I have a blog on Instagram and will follow back on the same day.

Above is my profile. Please do follow. Thank you.

57. @tracil0rds

Follow us we love aesthetic colors especially ?

Follow for follow.

58. @sametunes

Hi! We are a music tech startup! Check us out – follow for follow.

59. @bloodbonesandbooks

Hey, follow me on Instagram. Thank you.

60. @realcookie_art

Hello y’all, I follow and like back.

61. @ramabalde1

Hey there trying to meet new people, follow mt IG and I’ll follow back 🙂

62. @arianadsouzaa

Hey everyone—artists, singers, models, check out my Instagram!

63. @scrubmikehawk

? Meme page
? Daily memes posted
? Share with friends

Hopefully this brightens your day a bit during these dark times ?

64. @o_0alexc

F4F? Don’t have many posts but I’ll follow you back if I like your feed. Just dm me saying you’re from here or I might not follow back.

65. @sxmigxzi

Follow for follow ?

66. @96kbt

Just building up some followers from Followchain.

Thanks and have a great day!

67. @mishelaaam

Hey, I post about food, travel and product tests. Will follow you back if you follow me 🙂

68. @_fitwolf


Fitness and lifestyle stuff ✔️
Daily motivation ✔️
Fitness knowledge ✔️

Follow for follow.

69. @r399ie

Hi! My page mostly travel pics, I’m planning to create more video content to give short tours of cool places I found. Hoping to grow my page! I’ll follow back and engage!

70. @maaust13

Hey all, I just started my page for myself. I do vocals for a band. Happy to F4F!

71. @amyphungus

Hi guys! Follow me for posts on traveling, food, singing, cooking, and the best people!

72. @mochi_mshusky

Hello hooman! I am a 4 month old Siberian husky and I would appreciate if you can follow me and I’ll follow back!! Woof woof!

73. @anandahealingproject

Discussions on mental health, trauma, and self-healing ?✨

74. @kharlgilberts

Instant permanent follow back.

If you like my post I’ll like back your recent posts.

75. @foodrecipespromos

Hey! I’m a Food Theme page! Follow me for a follow back instantly! I like and comment on everyone’s post!

76. @tmack294

Follow my MMA page on Insta and let’s do L4L!

77. @rhythmandlifestyle1991

Hello guys, writing page and started video jokes. Help me grow. Learning as I grow. Please follow for follow permanent.

78. @waseyton

Follow for Follow, I don’t unfollow if u don’t 🙂

79. @legit.tech.wallpaper

Hi, I post wallpaper mostly. Openly follow your any kind of account and interact with it.

Follow me and dm, “Followchain”.

If you want to be on this list, you can purchase a 30-day or 60-day Instagram promotion here: https://tally.so/r/mDqq0N.

If you have any questions, send us a message @followchainorg.


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