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18 Instagram Caption Ideas For Business (With Templates)

Ran out of Instagram caption ideas for your business? We’re here to help.

To begin with, a photo without a caption is one without context. A photo alone can tell a story, but a caption reinforces it and can provide meaning behind it.

For example, a piece of art can have different meanings. Only the person behind the piece knows the true context behind it.

Moreover, a photo alone is subjective. People might have varying views about it.

Adding a meaningful caption helps people to better understand the story behind the photo. It can also drive more engagement, conversions and avoid confusion.

However, finding the right caption can be hard. Thus, in this article, you’ll have access to many caption ideas and flows you can use on your Instagram post for your business.

What is the perfect Instagram caption?

The perfect Instagram caption is an ongoing debate. Some people claim that longer Instagram captions are better, while others claim that writing shorter captions are more effective.

It all comes down to the message that you want to convey.

Since this is an article about business captions, a call to action is mandatory if you want to convert impressions. The most common call to action in captions for businesses is a statement to click the link in their bio.

Instagram only has a single website link you can add to your profile. So you can’t promote multiple links.

This is why many Instagram business accounts are utilizing third-party tools such as Linktree and Linkinbio to link multiple sites in one place.

At the end of the day, captions are just one part of the story to increase your engagement rates. But it’s these multiple small steps lead to big changes.

Hence, here are some Instagram caption ideas you can use for your business.

Instagram caption ideas for business (Table of Contents)

  1. Product captions
  2. Success captions
  3. Tips for captions
  4. Seasonal captions
  5. Quotes for captions
  6. Behind the scenes captions
  7. Caption templates

1. Product Captions

Here are some effective product captions from businesses.

Walmart’s caption is successful in conveying a beautiful and affordable product.

  1. Finally, beauty that feels good for your soul & your wallet. Introducing @cleenbeauty, all for under $10. #HereForEveryBeauty#WalmartBeauty.

Here’s a product caption of Apple’s iPhone 11. They utilized a consumer’s experience and quotation.


2. First Look: iPhone 11 Pro – 4K Video. Commissioned by Apple. “The iPhone 11 Pro frees up the filmmaking process. There’s incredible video quality. The ability to move. Amazing performance in low light and a truly cinematic feel using Ultra Wide. Now, there’s no excuse. Anyone can tell a story.” #4K#ShotoniPhone by Diego C. @hidiegoc

Amazon used terms like, ‘free of chemicals’ and ‘cruelty-free’ as a key differentiator to other skin products.


3. Introducing Belei! All of the products in this new Amazon #skincare line are made without parabens, phthalates, or sulfates, and they’re never tested on animals. Head to amazon.com/belei to shop. #belei

If you’re showcasing a product, you can follow these three points, mirroring the above caption:

Introduction, differentiation, and call to action.

Here’s another effective caption by Tesla Motors:


4. Better utility than a pick-up. More performance than a sports car.

This caption fully emphasizes on simplicity and differentiation.


5. With a bold new design, the 2021 #ChevyEquinox is ready to take on the road and look good doing it.

Chevrolet utilized a branded hashtag in its caption.

Instagram hashtags are quick to boost your image and help you reach a wider audience.

A branded hashtag is a hashtag which is exclusive to your company. It encourages users to use the hashtag, thus promoting its exclusivity when people search for it.

2. Success Captions

6. Celebrate success and milestones together with your followers by providing a contextual caption addressing the hard work and give shout-outs to people that lead to the outcome.

Need Instagram caption ideas for business success?

These success caption ideas are great to celebrate your business’s accomplishments.

For example, here’s Slack celebrating 10+ million daily active users:


7. Ten in five! Just ahead of our 5th birthday, we’ve crossed more than 10 million Daily Active Users, in 150+ countries. A big thanks to our customers in every kind of team and organization.

The above caption utilized the respective flow:

Phrase > celebratory statement > shout-out.

Here’s us celebrating our launch:


8. We just launched! Redditors welcome (and everyone else too). Join for free and secure your username today ? Link in bio.

Milestone > welcome statement > call to action.

Example by Discord:


9. TODAY IS OUR BIRTHDAY!! Discord is officially four years old ???????????????????????????????

Discord utilized a celebratory caption with tons of emoji.

Another example, by Zapier on the Forbes Cloud 100 list:


10. ? ?️Catch us in @forbes! Last week, Zapier jumped to #33 on the Forbes Cloud 100 list ? #Cloud100 #ZapMediaMoments

3. Tips for Captions

Tips are a great way to educate your audience. They also get a lot of shares!

Here’s an example from Buffer sharing some simple social media advice:


11. What’s your best piece of social media advice? Share in the comments or in our Stories! ✨

Asking questions in your caption is an effective way to drive comments.

Here’s the caption flow:

Question > call to action.

For example, Asana has a productivity pro tip series which is highly effective.


12. #MondayMotivation Working remotely and trying to stay on top of your Asana tasks? “If you need something done by a specific time of day, set a due time in addition to a due date so it’s clear to your teammate when they need to complete a task.” ⏰ This #productivity #protip is from one of our #remote Asanas, Audriana on our Corporate Marketing team! Get more #asanatips for working remotely in our latest post at blog.asana.com.

Here’s the respective flow:

Hashtag > tip > call to action.

4. Seasonal Captions

Always stay in-tune with various festivals!

For example, here is a Christmas post by Razer – with a fitting caption.


13. Everything you need to build out the ultimate care package––tap to check out what we’ve prepared for you this holiday. #Razer#Gaming

For example, here is a Holiday gift guide by Udemy:


14. The holidays are upon us, along with the never-ending question of “what do I get so-and-so?” We’re here to help. We’ll be sharing our ideas here until you can say “that’s a wrap?” on your shopping. Click the link in bio☝️ for a sneak peek.

Related question > solution > call to action.

For example, here is Nextdoor’s post on the holiday season:


15. ✨?? Use our Holiday Cheer Map to find all the homes decked out in glimmer and shimmer this holiday season. Tap the link in bio for more details on the #NextdoorBlog and view the map at nextdoor.com/cheer.⁣

Nextdoor also utilized a branded hashtag in its caption.

Product description > branded hashtag > call to action.

5. Quotes for Captions

Some people turn to a quote either for encouragement when things get difficult, inspiration or motivational purposes.

For example, here’s a short quote by Hubspot:


16. What’s an outstanding gesture of empathy that you’re received from a colleague or manager lately? Let us know, or tag them to show your appreciation! A little empathy goes a long way, especially when times are tough. So, make sure to check in with your team members, your customers, and even your superiors.

Their caption includes a question, statement, and call to action.

Here’s another quote posted by Zapier:


What are the most useful user research skills for designers? Our head of UX research, Jane Davis weighs in. #ZapMediaMoments

They also utilized a branded hashtag in their caption.

6. Behind The Scenes Captions

Including behind the scenes content in your business’ social media feed is vital because it gives you a opportunity to communicate on a personal level with your followers. It makes your business seem more relateable, open and individual.

For example, Quora has lots of behind the scenes posts and descriptive captions for context.


17. As a part of Quora Cares, an internal group dedicated to giving back, we’ve been volunteering at Hope’s Corner, a local Mountainview nonprofit supporting unhoused people in the South Bay Area. Yesterday we hosted Hope’s Corner Board President Leslie for a lunch and learn! #lifeatquora

Quora also utilized a branded hashtag in its caption.

Another behind the scenes by Wish:


18. Great shoppers, even better cooks! Teaming up with Wish Stars in Germany, we cooked a few meals together with the help of some familiar and handy Wish gadgets around the kitchen! Be sure to follow @wish_deu for more!

Caption flow:

Complement > behind the scenes > call to action.

7. Instagram Caption Ideas For Business – Templates

Introduction > differentiation > call to action.

e.g. Introducing [your product name]! [differentiation]. Head over to [your website address].

Phrase > celebratory statement > shout-out.

e.g. We’ve crossed more than [monthly active users]. A big thanks to [your customers] and [your team].

Milestone > welcome statement > call to action.

e.g. We just launched! [your customers] are welcome. Join for [price] and [discount or offer]. [call to action].

Question > call to action.

e.g. What’s your best piece [advice]? Share in the comments or in our Stories!

Hashtag > tip > call to action.

e.g. [your hashtag]. Trying to stay on top of [task]?. [tip here]. Get more tips by visiting [your website address].

Related question > solution > call to action.

e.g. The holidays are upon us, along with the never-ending question of [question]. We’re here to help. We’ll be sharing our ideas here until you can say [statement]. [call to action].

Product description > branded hashtag > call to action.

e.g. Use our [product] to find [description]. Tap the link in bio for more details on the [branded hashtag] and view it at [your website address].

Question > statement > call to action.

e.g. What’s an outstanding gesture of [emotion] that you’re received from [someone]? Let us know, or tag them to show your appreciation! A little [emotion] goes a long way, especially when times are tough. So, make sure to check in with your [someone].

Complement > behind the scenes description > call to action.

e.g. Great [people]! Teaming up with [company] in [country], we [event]! Be sure to follow [your instagram username] for more updates!

Author: Lim How Wei. Lim How Wei is the founder of Followchain, a community that simplifies growth and networking for Instagram users. Feel free to follow him on Instagram.

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