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Let Him Cook / Never Let Bro Cook again Bruh

“Let him cook” or “hollup… Let him cook” is a meme that went viral on TikTok and Twitter.

The meme includes a photo of Woody from Toy Story.

In the photo, Woody is staring intensely in front of him.

The hashtag, #lethimcook has over 77 million views on TikTok.

In this meme guide, you’ll learn what the “Let him cook” meme means on TikTok, the original “hollup… Let him cook” Woody photo, and “Never let bro cook again bruh”.

Let him cook meaning

Let him cook means letting someone continue talking, playing, or working on their strategy.

The phrase is similar to saying that the person is “onto something”.

For instance, Russel Wilson, the former quarterback of the Seahawks used to complain about not throwing the ball enough.

As a result, the hashtag “#lethimcook” was trending as people wanted Wilson to throw the ball more.

Eventually, he got traded to another team and he’s terrible.

Another example is when someone has an unpopular opinion or hot take and another person wants to interrupt them.

That’s when another person will step in and say “Let him cook”.

Let him cook meme


Who remembers senior projects @west Brunswick #fyp #karate

♬ original sound – Spmcu

One of the most popular “Who let him cook” videos on TikTok was uploaded by @austinwiggles.

In the video, a West Brunswick high school student was doing a karate routine.

The video is meant to mock the student because of how goofy the routine looked.

It got over 892k views and more than 16.8k likes.

Here are some of the comments, “That little voice saying there’s still hope, it’s lying”.

Followed by, “Don’t let him cook”, “Why did we let him cook?”, and “Bro thinks that he’s the dragon warrior”.

Hollup let him cook Woody

Hollup let him cook Woody

The original “hollup… Let him cook” meme is a photo of Woody holding back Sora from the Kingdom of Hearts.

In the photo, Woody stares intensely in front of him while Sora stares at him.

The meme is used in multiple slideshows on TikTok.

These memes are known as the “Let him cook rizz slideshows“.

It’s typically used in chat slideshows on TikTok where a guy tries flirting with a girl.

Never let bro cook again bruh

Never let bro cook again bruh

Never let bro cook again bruh” is a follow-up meme to the “hollup… Let him cook” meme.

The meme is a photo of a building burning down while a group of firefighters is putting out the flames.

It’s used when someone is given the opportunity to do something but fumbles.

In other words, the person had a great start in the beginning in doing something but failed in the end.

For example, a basketball player gets the ball, dribbles it, and shoots, but misses the hoop.

The meme goes like this: A basketball player gets the ball (*insert let him cook meme*), dribbles it, and shoots, but misses the hoop (*insert never let bro cook again bruh meme*).

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